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APPT Cebu: Aussies under fire in early skirmishes

With a loaded field and scores of locals determined to claim one of the big scalps, it's hardly surprising that the rate of eliminations has been higher than yesterday after the opening three levels in the 2009 APPT Cebu Main Event. Team Australia Pro Eric Assadourian was one of the first to be KOed. After some fierce pre-flop betting, the flop came Q-5-6. Dustin Dorrance-Bowman, a PokerStars Player from the USA, bet 2400, Assadourian made it 7100, Bowman called and they saw a deuce on the turn.


Sadly, the smile didn't last long for Eric Assadourian, who is out of the APPT Cebu Main Event

Bowman checked, Assadourian moved all-in and Bowman called. His pocket aces trailled the Australians two-pair, fives and sixes, until a repeat Q landed on the river to give the American a better two-pair.

Dennis Huntly has also bowed out after being crippled when his opponent made two-pair on the river with A-Q against the Aussie's A-K, which led after the turn. The end came when he shoved with A-8 only to find an opponent's pocket fours hold up.

Ramil Tandoc, who placed fifth in Manila last year for almost PHP 1.5 million, has also been eliminated (his pocket kings found Nam Le's brother Tommy waiting with a flopped straight) and joins Singapore-based Aussie Aaron Benton among those free to sample the delights of Shangri-La's Mactan Resort and Spa for the remainder of the day.


Last year's runner-up Tae Jun Noh from Korea faces an uphill battle to replicate that result

It's also been a tough start to day 1B for Team Asia duo Tae Jun Noh and Jonathan Lin, both of who have barely 25 per cent of their 20,000 starting stack remaining.

But one player with a big smile on his face is Tony Hachem. The Team Australia pro is beaming after proposing to his girlfriend Jessica last night. Tony pulled out all the stops, with celebrations culminating in a fireworks display across Magellan Bay. Our best wishes go to Tony and Jessica and their families.

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