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NAPT Venetian: Day 4, Levels 22-24 (15,000-30,000-3,000)


Joseph Cutler - 14th place
Thomas Fuller got involved with a raise from under the gun, and Cutler came along from the big blind. The flop came T♠ 7♣ 2♦, and Cutler raised to 150K. But Fuller came back with a raise all-in, and Cutler called all-in, as he was covered by his opponent.

Cutler: Q♦ T♦
Fuller: J♦ J♥

The 7♥ came on the turn, and the 8♠ became the river card, and the jacks remained the best hand. Joseph Cutler in 14th place with $28,526.00.

NAPT Venetian S1_5KMainEvent_Day3_JoeGiron_IJ76907.jpg

3:14pm: David Miscikowski - 15th place
It was a whirlwind of a few minutes for Miscikowski. The first hand started with a raise from Yunus Jamal, reraise from Miscikowski to 158K, and call from Steve Billirakis. But Yuval responded with a reraise to 477K, and Miscikowski came over the top all-in. Billirakis got out of the way, and Jamal snap-called.

Jamal: K♠ K♣
Miscikowski: T♠ T♥

Board: K♦ J♦ Q♠ Q♥ 6♥

The full house pushed Jamal up to nearly 4 million chips, while Miscikowski was left with only 11K.

The next hand saw Miscikowski push all-in with T♠ 3♥, but Kyle Zartman just happened to have 9♠ 9♥ with which to make the call. And just for kicks, Zartman turned a set. That left David Miscikowski out of the tournament in 15th place with $23,303.00.

NAPT Venetian S1_5KMainEvent_Day4_JoeGiron_IJ77389.jpg

3:03pm: Lichtenberg doubles through Blair
After Blair started the action with a raise to 70K, Andrew Lichtenberger reraised all-in from the small blind for his last 441K with A♥ T♦. Blair mumbled under his breath before calling with K♣ T♣. The board came 6♦ 4♠ 7♥ T♠ 6♠, and Lichtenberger doubled up and stayed in the game.

2:55pm: Annnnd, we're back
The 15 remaining players are back in their seats and now playing at 15,000-30,000-3,000

2:40pm: Players on break
Back in action in a few minutes.

2:35pm: Daniel Cossette -- 16th place
Yunus Jamal came in for a raise to 54,000 and got calls from both Daniel Cossette and Sam Stein. That's when David Miscikowski re-raised from the small blind to 183,000. Jamal folded, but Cossette pushed all-in. Stein folded, and Miscikowski snap-called with T♦T♥. Cossette only head 7♦7♦. He didn't catch up and is gone in 16th.

NAPT Venetian S1_5KMainEvent_Day4_JoeGiron_IJ77357.jpg

Daniel Cossette

2:29pm: 16 players and 2 tables
One of the three tables that started the day was finally broken, and the remaining 16 players were situated on two tables. The clock was stopped during the process but resumed after a very short break.

2:25pm: Stein and Miscikowski tangle again
We caught up to the action on the Q♠ 3♥ T♦ 8♣ J♠ board, at which point David Miscikowski bet out 216K. Sam Stein thought...and thought...and tried to get information from his opponent. He didn't want to be bluffed again.

Finally, Stein called and showed J♦ T♠ for two pair, and Miscikowski mucked his hand. But he did let Stein know that he only had ace-high. Stein won this round.

2:19pm: Mark Ketteringham - 17th place
The serious hit to his stack came courtesy of John Franciosi. Ketteringham moved all-in on that hand with A♥ K♦, but Franciosi called with pocket nines that held up on the 5♦ T♣ 3♥ T♠ 6♣ board. Ketteringham was left with about 135K.

He sat on that stack for a few hands but finally pushed all-in with K♣ Q♠. "Miami" John Cernuto called quickly with A♥ 5♣, and that hand improved significantly on the 4♦ 3♣ 2♣ flop. The 5♣ turn card and Q♦ river allowed Cernuto's straight to hold up, which sent Mark Ketteringham packing in 17th place.

NAPT Venetian S1_5KMainEvent_Day3_JoeGiron_IJ76923.jpg

2:13pm: Steve Stolzmann -- 18th place
Sam Stein, wrecking ball, came in for a raise to 55,000 from the button and FPP-qualifier Steve Stolzmann pushed all in for 386,000 from the small blind. Stein took his time but called with K♦J♥. Stolzmann held 7♠7♦. Stein flopped the J♦, Stolzmann never caught up and exited in 18th place for $20,089.

NAPT Venetian S1_5KMainEvent_Day4_JoeGiron_IJ77370.jpg

Steve Stolzmann

1:48pm: Miscikowski pulls massive bluff on Stein
The hand started with David Miscikowski raising from the button, Stein coming along from the small blind, and Stolzmann calling from the big blind. The flop came 5♣ K♣ 9♦, and a 62K bet from Stein prompted Stolzmann to get out of the way, but Miscikowski called.

The K♠ on the turn brought a 142K bet from Stein and call from Miskikowski.

The 2♠ on the river seemed harmless enough, but Stein bet out 211K. Fireworks. Miscikowski raised all-in for 433K more, which sent Stein deep into the tank. More than a few minutes passed before Stein finally folded.

And Miscikowski showed Q-J offsuit for the bluff. A collective "oof" came from everyone who saw it. And Miscikowski collected a much-needed pot to push him into more comfortable chip territory.

1:25pm: Daniele Nestola - 19th place
Nestola was possibly looking to pick up the blinds and antes by pushing his 300K stack all-in preflop from the small blind. But "Miami" John Cernuto quickly called from the big blind with A♥ T♣. Nestola could only turn over 5♦ 2♠. The board came Q♦ 4♦ Q♠ J♦ J♠, and Daniele Nestola departed in 19th place.

NAPT Venetian S1_5KMainEvent_Day3_JoeGiron_IJ76889.jpg

1:20pm: Blair Hinkle - 20th place
It happened just after the break was over, and Hinkle chose to tangle with Steve Billirakis. The latter raised it up to 55K preflop, and Hinkle responded with an all-in reraise with 2♠ 2♥. Billirakis called and showed A♥ 5♦, and the ace came out on the A♠ T♣ 7♣ flop. The K♣ and 6♥ finished the hand, and Blair Hinkle headed to the cashier cage to collect $20,089.00 for the deep run.

NAPT Venetian S1_5KMainEvent_Day3_JoeGiron_IJ76713.jpg

12:56pm: Break time
Players are on their first 15-minute break of the day. They're doing...well...that's not anyone's business, really. But they'll be back in their seats shortly.

12:42pm: Michael De Gilio - 21st place
De Gilio put his tournament life at risk with A-10 on a board that gave him a pair of tens, but the A-K of Billirakis paired his king. Michael De Gilio was gone in 21st place.

NAPT Venetian S1_5KMainEvent_Day3_JoeGiron_IJ76947.jpg

Mike De Gilio

12:38pm: Clemente doubles through Nestola
On a 5♦ 7♣ 6♠ board, Clemente's bet was met by an all-in raise from Nestola. Clemente called for his tournament life with 9♣ 9♠, and Nestola showed Q♦ 8♦. The A♦ on the turn and 8♠ on the river allowed the nines to stand and give Clemente the double-up.

12:30pm: Jonathan Aguiar -- 22nd place
Shortly after losing most of his stack to Mark Ketteringham, Jonathan Aguiar moved all-in pre-flop with Q♥7♦. John Franciosi called from the blind with A♦8♣. Neither hand improved and Aguiar finished in 22nd for $20,089.

NAPT Venetian S1_5KMainEvent_Day3_JoeGiron_IJ76814.jpg

12:20pm: Couple of doubles
In the last few minutes we've had some timely double ups. Mark Ketteringham doubled through Jonathan Aguiar with A♠Q♦ all in pre-flop aganst Aguiar's A♥9♣. Shortly thereafter Mike De Gilio pushed all in from the button. Steve Billisrakis isolated from the small blind with A♣5♣. It was a good move. De Gilio only held J♦9♦. Billirakis even flopped his ace, but De Gilio ran out the diamond flush for the win.

12:16pm: Jason Dewitt - 23rd place
While the other table was in action with Lindley and Nestola, Sam Stein and Jason Dewitt were tangling. The flop came 6♦ 8♣ T♦, and Dewitt checked. Stein put him all-in, and Dewitt went into the tank before finally calling with pocket aces. Stein turned over Q-9 for the draw, and though the 5 on the turn was harmless, the jack on the river made that straight.

Jason Dewitt was eliminated in 23rd place.

12:14pm: Christina Lindley - 24th place
She started strong. As soon as action got underway today, Lindley pushed all-in with her ultra-short stack with pocket sixes, and Daniel Clemente called with Q♠ T♣. The board ran out J♦ J♦ 8♦ A♥ 3♦, giving Lindley the flush and the much-needed double-up.

Still short, Lindley moved again a short time after with pocket sixes, hoping they would be lucky again. But Daniele Nestola called with A-K, and the board brought an ace on the flop. With no sixes (or a flush or straight), Lindley exited the tournament in 24th place.

NAPT Venetian S1_5KMainEvent_Day2_JoeGiron_IJ76555.jpg

12:10pm: Day 4 underway
The cards are in the air. We have about 45 minutes level in Level 22 before moving up in blinds.

12:00pm: Day 4 about to begin
The final 24 players are taking their seats. Today we will play down to the final table of eight.

How long will this take? It's anyone's guess, but after last night's late finish, expect the players to be hopped up on Red Bull and ready to play.

That includes our chip leader, Eric Blair who starts the day with 3.7 million in chips.


Eric Blair

NAPT Venetian reporting comes courtesy of bloggers Jennifer Newell and Brad Willis, and photographer Joe Giron.

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