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Still time to join The Big Game casting pool

ps_news_thn.jpgThere's just three weeks to go to secure your shot at appearing on television and winning serious cash in The Big Game.

Already 1,750 players have got through to the 'casting' room and now have the chance to impress judges and get on the show to play a high-stakes cash game against Team PokerStars Pros like Daniel Negreanu. Obviously it's all free for our 'Loose Cannons' - PokerStars will pick up the bill.


Daniel Negreanu

The Big Game is a high-stakes cash game TV show that will appear on the FOX network. The show will feature some of the top names in the poker world playing $200/$400 No Limit Hold'em with a $100,000 minimum buy-in.

For your chance to take part, all players in the US and Canada can play in free Big Game Round 1 qualifiers that continue to run until June 25. Those events grant winners entry into the finals.

Anyone who finishes in the top 200 spots in the finals will be invited to send PokerStars a casting video. PokerStars will then make its "Loose Cannon" pick and fly him or her out to Las Vegas to play against people like Negreanu.

Winners are welcome to pack their own cash, but will be staking the qualifiers for The Big Game. Whatever profit they make over the $100,000 buy-in, they get to keep. If the qualifier happens to make a profit in the first session, he or she will be invited back for the next one.

To find The Big Game Round 1 qualifiers, open the lobby, click 'Tourney' & 'Regional', and then look for tournaments listed as 'Big Game'.

Find out more by visiting The Big Game website.

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