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The Big Game coming to a TV screen near you soon

ps_news_thn.jpgWe're pretty sure you've been looking forward to watching the Big Game show on television as much as we have. Well, there's good news - the first show airs on FOX TV in the US on June 14, less than two weeks away.

With the first shows already in the bag, there's still time for you to get involved and play as a 'Loose Cannon' in a high-stakes cash game against some of the world's best players. All players in the US and Canada can play in free Big Game Round 1 qualifiers that continue to run until June 25. Those events grant winners entry into the finals, and winners of the finals have a chance to send in a video of themselves to secure their chance of playing the monster cash game - with PokerStars' money!

To find The Big Game Round 1 qualifiers, open the lobby, click 'Tourney' & 'Regional', and then look for tournaments listed as 'Big Game'.

Find out more by visiting The Big Game website.

To get you in the mood, here's a little teaser....

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