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LAPT Colombia Day 3: Levels 21-24 (blinds 8000-16000, ante 2000)

lapt-promo.gif4:38pm: David Garcia eliminated in 12th place

A rare three-way pot developed on Table 1. Victor Forero started things with a raise to 60,000 under the gun. Jonathan Markovitz (cutoff) and David Garcia (big blind) both called. Garcia checked a flop of J♦J♣6♦ and Forero made his continuation bet of 75,000. Markovitz called, prompting Garcia to check-raise all in for about 630,000. Forero called that check-raise, creating a big showdown after Markovitz folded.

Forero tabled the J♠T♠ for trip jacks; Garcia's K♦9♦ draw was not as big as he had hoped. The turn came a diamond, but it was the T♦ , giving Forero a full house and leaving Garcia with one out to a straight flush. The river 3♦ was not the straight flush card. Garcia is out in 12th place.

The players are on their next scheduled break. When play resumes, updates will be in a new post.

4:25pm: Marta Ramirez eliminated in 13th place

Stuart McDonald was in a tough spot. After Julian Menendez opened to 75,000 pre-flop, McDonald three-bet his button to 165,000. The small blind folded, but big blind Marta Ramirez then shoved for 400,000 total. Menendez quickly folded, but McDonald was clearly unhappy about his spot.

After two minutes Jonathan Monsalvez called for a clock. McDonald was annoyed and asked TD Mike Ward whether people could call a clock whenever they wanted.

"Within reason," Ward replied.

McDonald turned to Monsalves and said "I'm going to call a clock on you every time." But before much more time could expire, he did call -- with T♠6♠. It turned out he was flipping against Ramirez's 4♠4♦. McDonald flexed when he paired tens on the flop, K♥T♥7♣. Those tens held through the river, J♥ and K♣, to send Ramirez to the rail. She did not seem amused.

4:12pm: River salvation for Bedoya

My word. We seemed destined to lose one of our last two women after a spot developed between Marta Ramirez and Jessica Bedoya. Stuart McDonald opened the pot to 60,000 pre-flop before Ramirez three-bet the button to 120,000. Bedoya, sitting in the big blind, looked pained, as if she couldn't decide whether to shove or not. She finally shoved for about 225,000. McDonald quickly folded and Ramirez quickly called.

Bedoya was in the lead with 9♦9♥ as her contingent of supporters began shouting for a nine. McDonald tried to ease Bedoya's nerves by telling her that he folded one of the aces. So of course the board came A♣Q♥K♣, giving Ramirez two pair and the lead. Bedoya's rail was vociferously pleading for a nine that didn't fall on the 5♣ turn... but did spike on the 9♠ river. Bedoya's rail erupted, and even she gave a shout of joy as she jumped up and down in delight. Ramirez was stone faced and gave only a slight shake of her head before counting out the double-up.

3:54pm: Luis Vayas eliminated in 14th place

It's a sad state of affairs when you move in with T♥4♠ and get called by K♦K♥. That's exactly what happened to Luis Vayas, who found himself drawing thin against Jonathan Monsalves. Vayas refused to be grim about the situation, whistling the whole time as the dealer burned and turned each street. Vayas improved a pair of tens on the 8♣6♥T♦, but that's where it ended for him. The 6♦ turn and Q♥ river ensured that Monsalves would collect the pot and Vayas (pictured below) would become the 14th-place finisher.


3:50pm: Joira's rail ecstatic

John Joira's rail is almost certainly the loudest rail in the room. They were whooping, hollering and mobbing their boy after he doubled up on a flip with K♠Q♠ against David Garcia's pocket nines. A flop of T♠6♣A♦ gave Joira any face card in the deck to win the pot and double up to 600,000. He made the stone cold nuts on the turn with the J♥.

3:42pm: Francisco Corvalan eliminated in 15th place

Well that didn't take long. Almost as soon as the players were back in their seats, Francisco Corvalan and Rafael Pardo were dusting it up. Corvalan was trying to extend his tournament by doubling up with J♦J♥; Pardo was trying to end Corvalan with A♠Q♥. Corvalan's knees buckled with a queen in the window, 3♦T♥Q♠. He hit the rail shortly after the 6♦ turn and K♦ river.

3:38pm: Level 24 begins (blinds 15000-30000, ante 5000, 15 players remain)

And we're back.

3:18pm: Short break

The players are on a short break so that the yellow (T1,000) chips can be colored up.

3:11pm: Corvalan getting short

Francisco Corvalan and Jonathan Markovitz both checked a flop of 8♠K♣6♠. When the turn came the A♥, Corvalan checked again. Markovitz, still the big stack in the room, bet 75,000 and was called.

The river fell the 2♠, completing a potential spade flush. Corvalan checked one more time, then called a small-ish bet of 90,000 from Markovitz. Markovitz showed a turned two pair with A♠6♥. Corvalan threw his head back to stare at the ceiling in disbelief before open-mucking A♣9♦, a pair of aces.

3:02pm: Ponce pumped to win with top pair

Carlos Ponce has had a relatively quiet day so far today, but he betrayed a tiny bit of emotion after a recent hand against Julian Menendez. Menendez opened pre-flop to 60,000, with Ponce calling in position. Menendez check-called bets of 120,000 on the 6♦Q♦8♣ and 2♥ turn. Both players checked the 4♠ river. Ponce showed K♥Q♣ at showdown, top pair, then smacked the table, pumped a fist and shouted, "Yes!" after Menendez mucked.


2:50pm: Sudol the next to go

American Jason Sudol -- who by the way, has an identical twin on the rail dressed exactly as he is dressed -- open-shoved for 312,000 from early position with A♦J♥. Stuart McDonald was next to act and re-shoved behind him for 370,000 with Q♠Q♣. Marta Rodriguez considered, just for a moment, getting in there with the boys but decided to fold instead. McDonald's queens held up, 5♣T♦6♥7♥J♠, retiring Jason to the rail where his twin brother and his Colombian girlfriend consoled him.

2:37pm: Cesar Mejia eliminated

With fifteen big blinds in his stack, Cesar Mejia was willing to take his chances with 6♠6♥. Unfortunately for Mejia, David Garcia had been dealt T♠T♦ and had a few chips to burn to try to take Mejia out. It was all over by the turn, Q♦3♦2♦A♦, as Garcia made a diamond flush. With the A♥ river completing the board, Mejia left to some scattered applause as the 17th-place finisher.

David Garcia now has about 1.1 million chips, still short of the 1.6 million chips held by Jonathan Markovitz (pictured below).

LAPT MEDELLIN 4 SEASON Jonathan Markovitz Day 3.JPG

2:28pm: Level 23 begins (blinds 12000-24000, ante 4000, 17 players remain)

The chip counts have all been updated and play has resumed. We're aiming to reach the final table before the dinner break.

2:13pm: Break

The remaining 17 players are on a 15-minute break. Fresh counts will be updated on the chip counts page during the break.

2:08pm: Solano off to the rail

Miguel Solano, hurting after his recent confrontation with Julian Menendez, moved all in pre-flop for his last 50,000 with Q♠T♦. Jhon Jairo called with A♦T♣, putting Solano in a very difficult position. He didn't escape that position, as the board rolled out 7♠7♣4♦6♣A♠. Solano is the 18th place finisher.

1:56pm: Campo's draw doesn't come in

Julian Menendez (pictured below), so close to elimination a few moments ago, may now be the chip leader. He played a pot out of position against Simon Campo. The two got all the chips into the middle on a flop of 4♥2♠A♠. Campo was drawing with Q♠7♠, while Menendez showed down two pair, A♣2♦, aces and deuces. Campo watched with dismay as no third spade hit the board, 5♦ and 2♣, to send him to the rail in 19th place.

We're consolidating to two tables now.

LAPT MEDELLIN 4 SEASON Julian Menendez - Day 3.JPG

1:50pm: Recent eliminations

It's been a flurry of activity here in the second half of Level 22. Immediately following the elimination of Andres Felipe Corrales Giraldo, three more people busted. Norberto Iglesias, Francisco Cortaza, and Carlos Augusto Perez Herrera all met their demises. Miguel Solano is also dangerously short, down to 50,000 after losing with A♠K♥ all in pre-flop to Julian Menendez's K♠J♠. Menendez flopped two jacks to double up his stack to about 650,000.

Tables are currently being balanced.

1:39pm: Giraldo flips out to Rodriguez

Marta Rodriguez is flirting with a million in chips after taking out Andres Felipe Corrales Giraldo. Rodriguez was the first mover pre-flop, raising to 60,000. Giraldo, in the small blind, three-bet to 250,000 all in. Rodriguez gave it a few moments of thought before calling with A♣K♠. Girlado showed Q♦Q♥, about as "classic" a flip as there is in hold'em.

Queens were boss through the turn, Q♠5♠9♣J♣. Stuart McDonald called for a ten as the dealer burned and turned... the T♥, to give Rodriguez a Broadway straight. Giraldo is out in 24th place.

1:22pm: Barros taken out by Ferero

Slowly but surely we're making progress towards the final table. In middle position, Ernesto Barros was dealt pocket 8s and shipped his last 10 big blinds into the middle. Victor Ferero found J♣J♥ in his pocket and made an easy call, then flopped a set K♣5♠J♦ to leave Barros practically dead. The 4♣ on the turn sealed Barros' fate. He's out in 25th place.

Lynn Gilmartin pulled aside the lone American left in the field, Jason Sudol, just before play started about 90 minutes ago. Check out Sudol's thoughts on Day 3:

1:13pm: Velandia's bluff ends his day

On Table 1, the "tv table", four board cards were already out when Rafael Velandia (pictured below) moved all in for 238,000. Jonathan Markovitz stared at the 6♥4♥Q♠3♥ board, then made a thin call with A♣J♥, ace-high with a flush draw. He turned out to be in the lead, as Velandia showed down king-high with no draw, K♦J♦. The river 6♦ couldn't save Velandia. He's out in 26th place.

LAPT MEDELLIN 4 SEASON Rafael Velandia - Day 3.JPG

1:06pm: Level 22 begins (blinds 10000-20000, ante 3000, 26 players remain)

1:03pm: Rodriguez takes bite out of McDonald; Pardo triples

Marta Rodriguez is one of the few players who has been very active to start Day 3. On Table 2, we found her involved in a sizable pot with the start-of-day chip leader, Stuart McDonald. With well more than 300,000 already in the pot, Rodriguez bet 145,000 on a board of 6♣Q♦5♣7♥2♣. McDonald tanked long enough for a clock to be called, then folded. Rodriguez showed Q♣8♣ for a flush as she climbed to about 800,000.

LAPT MEDELLIN 4 SEASON Marta Rodriguez - Day 3.JPG

On Table 3, Rafael Pardo open-shoved pre-flop for 106,000 and was called by Francisco Corvalan and Julian Menendez. They both checked all the way down on a board of 3♠5♥A♥6♥4♦. Menendez took the empty side pot with T♠T♣, but Corvalan took the main pot, and a triple up, with A♠9♣, a pair of aces.

12:54pm: Players continue to avoid clashes

In three separate hands across five minutes, players avoided clashing for stacks. First, Gilberto Castillo opened pre-flop to 35,000, then folded to a three-bet shove from big blind Rafael Velandia. At Table 2, Marta Rodriguez opened for 50,000, then shoved over the top of a three-bet from Stuart McDonald, who snap-folded. And at Table 3, Simon Campo once again folded to a check-raise after betting 44,000 on a flop of 5♦4♠J♠.

Grab some coffee, folks.

12:42pm: Bertoli can't win second race against Jairo

Tullio Bertoli has been eliminated in 27th place. For the second time in 15 minutes, he found himself in a race against Jhon Jairo with a pair against Jairo's overcards. This time around Bertoli had the black sixes and Jairo had A♥Q♠. Bertoli got a great flop for his hand, 4♣5♣7♠, but the turn Q♣ paired Jairo and left Bertoli drawing on the river. The 4♦ was not one of his outs. He is retired to the rail.

Now that the dam has burst with the eliminations of Azer and Bertoli, while the rest of the field start flinging the chips around more aggressively?

12:31pm: Azer finally shows, doubles, then busts

Roxana Azer was the last of our 28 players to take her seat -- a full thirty minutes late. She wasted no time getting her tiny stack of 33,000 into the middle. Action passed to Gilberto Castillo in the big blind, who called without looking. Azer tabled A♦Q♥, a two-to-one favorite over Castillo's 8♦6♠. Castillo failed to connect with a J♠2♣T♥Q♠4♦ board, allowing Azer's pair of queens to collect the pot for a double-up to about 80,000.

While we were writing up the double-up, Azer stood up and walked away from Table 4. A pot was being pushed in Castillo's direction, so we assume that he took her out.

12:21pm: Parade of double-ups

Tournament staff thought that it would be fewer than 4 hands to find the first elimination of the day. Here we are 20 minutes later and we're still playing with 28 players. Tullio Bertoli just doubled up on a flip, all in for 125,000 pre-flop with pocket nines. Jhon Jairo tried to take him out with A♠K♦, but Bertoli's nines held as his rail shouted for a nine on every street of 8♣2♠7♠8♦5♣.

On Table 3, Miguel Solano led a 2♠9♥T♦ flop. Simon Campo raised him to 100,000, which drew a three-bet shove for 193,000 total from Solano. With almost 400,000 in the pot, and needing to call only 93,000 more, Campo mucked his hand after about a minute of thought.

12:05pm Level 21 begins (blinds 8000-16000, ante 2000, 28 players remain)

Cards are in the air for the third and final day of the 2011 LAPT Colombian National Poker Championship.

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