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LAPT Colombia Day 3: Levels 25-28 (blinds 20000-40000, ante 5000)

lapt-promo.gif10:58pm: Break time

The remaining six players are on a fifteen-minute break. When they return, updates will be in a new post.

10:49pm: Rafael Pardo eliminated in 7th place

It was inevitable that some of these flips were going to start going the bigger stack's way. Alexis Gomez (pictured below) opened pre-flop to 190,000. Action passed to Rafael Pardo in the big blind, who shoved for 435,000 total. Gomez called with A♦9♥, Pardo showed 5♠5♣, and the race was on. An ace on the flop was all Gomez needed, A♣6♠T♠6♥8♣. He collected the scalp and sent Pardo to the rail in 7th place.


10:31pm: Forero out-kicks McDonald

In the time since the internet came back, it went out again. We also had yet another double-up, as Stuart McDonald opened pre-flop to 160,000, then called the shove of Victor Forero for 965,000. McDonald's A♦Q♥ was dominated by Forero's A♣K♥ and did not improve to the winner on a board of T♥9♠3♠T♠8♣.

That hit drops McDonald back to about 1.3 million.

10:14pm: And we're back!

After an outage of 75 minutes, the internet is back in the tournament room. Catch up with what you missed by reading below.

10:04pm: Jonathan Markovitz eliminated in 8th place

Finally! If we had internet right now we'd go back and find out how many hours ago John Joira busted out in 9th place. But we don't, so instead we'll tell you that Jonathan Markovitz shoved his button for 610,000 and was met with a re-shove by small blind Stuart McDonald. McDonald tabled the best hand with K♦K♣ against Markovitz's J♥8♥. No luck for Markovitz this time around as he was drawing dead by the turn, Q♠6♥6♣6♦7♣.

LAPT MEDELLIN 4 SEASON Jonathan Markovitz Day 3-2.JPG

Seven players remain. McDonald is up to about 2.1 million in chips.

9:59pm: Level 28 begins (blinds 40000-80000, ante 10000, 8 players remain)

This is the level.

9:48pm: Raise it, re-raise it and take it

We've gone 20 minutes without a flop now. One raise, or a raise and a re-raise, is enough to take the pot. The average stack is currently 1.26 million, which is 21 big blinds. It will be going down to about 16 big blinds with the next blind increase in ten minutes. Something is going to have to give at some point.

9:29pm: Menendez doubles with aces

We may never see another bustout at this final table again. After Rafael Pardo opened in early position to 155,000, Stuart McDonald put in a three-bet to 365,000. Julian Menendez, sitting in the small blind, shoved for 760,000 total, eliciting a quick fold from Pardo.

McDonald wasted no time in calling, even though he was certain he had to be behind in the hand. He was; his K♠J♣ was up against Menendez's pocket aces, A♥A♠. Menendez flopped a set, A♠7♦T♣, then filled up with the T♥ turn to cinch the hand. He increased his count to 1,815,000. McDOnald is back down to 1,210,000.

9:22pm: Queens work out this time for Markovitz

For the second time in five minutes, Jonathan Markovitz moved all in with pocket queens. His all in this time, for 235,000 chips, was called by Victor Forero, who had opened from middle position for 130,000. Forero showed K♦Q♥, but missed the board completely, J♣4♥J♠9♥9♣. He slipped to 875,000, while Markovitz improved to about 640,000.

9:17pm: Jessica Bedoya is blessed

Sometimes some people are just destined to win certain poker tournaments, no matter what their opponents do. Jessica Bedoya might be so blessed today. She opened her button to 175,000, then was faced with a decision when big blind Jonathan Markovitz moved all in for about 800,000. With 325,000 left behind, Bedoya made her stand and showed down A♦7♣. Markowitz tabled Q♥Q♣. But Bedoya could be blessed, as the flop came in her favor once again, A♥7♥7♠, giving her a full house. The 7♦ on the turn improved Bedoya to quads and gave her a lock.

Markovitz is down to 300,000, while Bedoya is up to 1.1 million.


9:00pm: Level 27 begins (blinds 30000-60000, ante 10000, 8 players remain

7:42pm: Dinner time

We've reached the end of Level 26. The remaining 8 players are on a 75-minute break for dinner.

The chip counts when we come back will be:

Seat 2: Stuart McDonald (1,075,000)
Seat 3: Jonathan Monsalves (1,100,000)
Seat 4: Julian Menendez (705,000)
Seat 5: Victor Ferero (1,720,000)
Seat 6: Rafael Pardo (2,185,000)
Seat 7: Jessica Bedoya (655,000)
Seat 8: Alexis Gomez (1,745,000)
Seat 9: Jonathan Markovitz (845,000)

7:30pm: McDonald's turn to double

The double-ups are being passed around and around this final table here in Medellin, Colombia. Stuart McDonald (victim of doubling up several opponents earlier) moved all in from late position for 375,000 with K♥9♦. Victor Forero called from the small blind with A♥J♦. It was a complete turnabout for McDonald, as this time he was the player behind -- and the one who paired on the river, 5♥4♦3♥6♦9♥. He's bac up to about 800,000.

7:10pm: Bedoya on the rise

Jessica Bedoya -- who was down to four big blinds moments ago -- has the tiniest bit of momentum after doubling up a second time. She open-shoved K♣Q♦ from early position for 405,000. Action passed to Julian Menendez in the big blind. He squeezed out J♣J♦ and quickly called as the slight favorite in the hand. Bedoya smashed the flop, Q♠T♠Q♣. Her trip queens held through the river, giving her 875,000 in chips and dropping Menendez to 390,000.

7:05pm: McDonald doubles up another opponent

Poor Stuart McDonald can't catch a break. He keeps trying to take out opponents and keeps on doubling them up. The latest beneficiary of McDonald's bad luck is Rafael Pardo, who open-shoved K♥Q♦ for 445,000. McDonald was in the big blind with A♥J♦ and called. McDonald's edge held on the 7♥8♦T♣ and T♦. "Come on!" he pleaded. "One ****ing time!" But McDonald's one time wasn't this time; the river came Q♥ to pair Pardo and give him a million-chip pot.

6:56pm: Bedoya hanging on

Jessica Bedoya does not want to "go gently into that good night". SItting in the big blind, she moved all in for 195,000 total after Julian Menendez opened to 130,000. Menendez quickly called with A♠T♥; Bedoya was drawing live with Q♥7♣. Bedoya paired 7s on the flop, 7♠3♣9♥, then closed her eyes the dealer burned and turn two blanks, K♦ and 5♣. With the 455,000-chip pot securely in hand, Bedoya ran over to her rail to be congratulated.

Get your introduction to the final table from, with Aussie Stuart McDonald:

6:48pm: Menendez doubles through McDonald

Stuart McDonald saw an opportunity to take out an opponent and he went for it. When action passed to McDonald on the button, he raised to 100,000. Big blind Julian Menendez responded with a three-bet shove to 355,000. McDonald quickly called with K♥4♣, a hand slightly behind Menendez's A♦7♥. Neither player connected with a board that rolled out 2♠J♥T♠8♣J♣, allowing Menendez to claim the pot with ace-high.

6:43pm: Level 26 begins (blinds 25000-50000, ante 5000, 8 players remain)

Players will go on dinner break at the end of this level.

6:42pm: Ferero's turn bet does the job

Victor Ferero started the action with a raise to 80,000 pre-flop that was called by Rafael Pardo (in position) and Stuart McDonald (big blind). McDonald and Ferero both checked the king-high flop, T♥8♠K♠. Pardo took a stab with a bet of 155,000 that folded McDonald. Ferero, however called to the T♣ turn and then led into Pardo for 200,000. Pardo quickly surrendered.

6:24pm: Monsalves getting greedy?

From late position, Alexis Gomez opened to 100,000. Action passed to chip leader Jonathan Monsalves in the big blind. He called to an all-club flop, 2♣9♣A♣. Both players checked. The turn brought a fourth club, 4♣. Monsalves tried a bet of 150,000 but snap-mucked after Gomez raised to 400,000.

6:17pm: No call for Bedoya

If Jessica Bedoya wants to stay long at this final table, she's going to need a double up soon. She tried shoving her 355,000 chips in from the big blind against Julian Menendez's late-position open-raise to 90,000. Menendez declined the invitation.

6:06pm: John Jairo eliminated in 9th place (COP 23,186,000)

John Jairo came into the final table in 8th chip position. After Alexis Gomez opened from middle position for 100,000, Jairo squeezed out his two cards in the cutoff: A♦J♣. He moved all in, folding everyone back to Gomez. Gomez snap-called with A♣A♥ and never had to sweat it -- 4♦K♣6♥8♦5♣. Bad luck for Jairo; he's out in 9th place but will walk with more than 23 million pesos.

5:55pm: Play resumes

After some very theatrical introductions of the final table players (flashing lights! dramatic music!), cards are back in the air. There are 50 minutes left in the level.


5:20pm: Final table seat draw and chip counts

Our nine final table players consist of five Colombians, two Ecuadorians, an Argentian and an Australian:

Seat 1: John Jairo (415,000)
Seat 2: Stuart McDonald (1,235,000)
Seat 3: Jonathan Monsalves (2,495,000)
Seat 4: Julian Menendez (735,000)
Seat 5: Victor Forero (2,045,000)
Seat 6: Rafael Pardo (660,000)
Seat 7: Jessica Bedoya (290,000)
Seat 8: Alexis Gomez (910,000)
Seat 9: Jonathan Markovitz (1,150,000)

Play has not yet resumed. We'll let you know when it does.

5:05pm: Final table is reached!

Simultaneous eliminations on each of the remaining two tables means we're down to our final table of nine players. First, on Table 1, Gilberto Castillo opened pre-flop to 100,000. VIctor Forero called on the button to a flop of A♠9♥6♦. Castillo checked, then called a bet of 125,000 from Forero. When the turn came 5♦, Castillo moved all in for his last 350,000. Forero quickly said, "I call," and tabled A♣Q♥, a pair of aces. He was the dominant favorite over Castillo's 7♦7♣. WIth only six outs in the deck, Castillo was already standing up and collecting his belongings as the river fell an unhelpful T♣. He finished in 11th place.

Just moments later, Julian Menendez opened a pot to 80,000 on Table 2. Carlos Ponce, sitting with the button, shoved all in for 650,000. Action passed to Jonathan Monsalves, who re-shoved his whole stack of 1.6 million. Menendez quickly folded, allowing everyone in the room to see what a cooler had developed -- Ponce had K♣K♥, but Monsalves had A♠A♥! Aces held this time, 4♥5♠T♥4♦8♣, knocking Ponce out in 10th and allowing the tournament to (at long last) collapse to its final table.

Monsalves will bring the big stack to the final table. Updated counts, and the draw, will be coming shortly.

LAPT MEDELLIN 4 SEASON JOnathan Monsalves - Day 3 - 2.JPG

4:54pm: Level 25 begins (blinds 20000-40000, ante 5000, 11 players remain)

Cards are back in the air. Victor Forero is the current leader with 1,625,000, trailed closely by Jonathan Monsalves (1,570,000).

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