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LAPT Colombia Day 3: Levels 29-32 (blinds 50000-100000, ante 10000)

lapt-promo.gifJonathan Monsalves eliminated in 2nd place; Julian Menendez wins 2011 Colombian National Poker Championship!

At long last, it came down to another flip for Julian Menendez and Jonathan Monsalves. Menendez limped the button for 150,000; Monsalves shoved all in with A♠5♦ and Menendez called with 4♠4♥. This time around Monsalves missed the board completely, 6♣8♥2♠J♣T♦. Menendez stood up from the table, pumped both arms high in the air, and then reached over to shake hands with the vanquished Colombian. Colombia will have to try again next year to produce its first hometown champion in thiis event. After the record turnout here, the LAPT will most definitely be back.

For 2nd place, Monsalves (pictured below left) receives 105,490,000 pesos. Menendez (below right), who was the short stack when the six-handed deal was reached, earns 123,340,000.


We'll have an abbreviated recap of the long day on the blog shortly.

Level 31 begins (blinds 75000-150000, ante 20000, 2 players remain)

Jonathan Monsalves and Julian Menendez have opted to skip the scheduled break.

1:36am: Monsalves doubles up

Down to just 1.35 million, Jonathan Monsalves looked down at Q♣T♥ in the big blind. His opponent, Julian Menendez, opened all in from the button. Menendez quickly called all in and found himself flipping against the 5♦5♥ of Menendez. Monsalves didn't hit the flop, but he got the best flop he could have hoped for despite not hitting it: J♥2♥9♥. He had the best flush draw, an open-ended straight draw, two overcards and the equity lead in the hand. He caught one of his 20 outs with the Q♦ turn, then doubled up after the river fell the A♣.

1:18am: Jessica Bedoya eliminated in 3rd place

Julian Menendez has all the momentum now. He raised the small blind, then quickly called after big blind Jessica Bedoya moved all in for 1.1 million. Menendez tabled the best hand, A♣T♥. Bedoya was drawing with Q♠9♣. She's had a charmed Day 3, so when she paired nines on the turn of an A♦5♥J♣9♦ board, the rail rose in anticipation, expecting her to spike the winning card on the river. It didn't happen. The river fell 2♠, knocking Bedoya out in 3rd place. She received thunderous applause from the rail.

LAPT MEDELLIN 4 SEASON Jessica Bedoya Day 3 - 2.JPG

The tournament is now heads up. Menendez has approximately 8 million chips; Colombian hope Jonathan Monsalves has about 2 million.

1:08am: Victor Forero eliminated in 4th place

Colombia's hopes now rest on the slim shoulders of Jonathan Monsalves after the elimination of Victor Forero in 4th place. Forero, sitting in the small blind, called a pre-flop raise to 275,000 by button player Julian Menendez. Forero check-called another 200,000 on a flop of K♠6♠6♥, then check-raised all in for 1.3 million after Menendez bet 300,000 on the T♣ turn. Menendez snap called with trip sixes, 6♣4♠, leaving Forero and his T♥7♦ drawing at two outs. The river A♦ was not one of them, knocking Forero out in 4th place. He earns 136,025,000.


12:58am: Alexis Gomez eliminated in 5th place

Down to 785,000, Alexis Gomez open-shoved his button with A♦9♥. Jonathan Monsalves woked up with A♠Q♦ and made an easy call. The 3♦3♥5♦ flop put the spectre of a chop out there, but Monsalves prevailed after a turn 6♣ and river Q♣.

Per the details of the deal, Gomez earns 102,314,000 pesos for his performance in this event.


12:51am: Level 30 begins (blinds 60000-120000, ante 15000, 5 players remain)

12:47am: Surprising lack of action

Yes, 28 million pesos is still a decent chunk of change. But with all the rest of the prize money locked up you'd think the remaining 5 players would loosen up. That hasn't been the case at all. Victor Forero opened a recent pot to 210,000 pre-flop and was called by Julian Menendez out of the big blind. Both players checked a flop of 5♠6♠7♠. On the turn T♥ Menendez led for 150,000 and Forero called. The river was the A♥ and brought a bet of 350,000 from Menendez. Forero called with A♠K♥, a pair of aces, but was second best to Menendez's two pair, A♣7♥.

12:31am: Monsalves doubles with kings

Jonathan Monsalves threw himself into his adoring rail after doubling up with pocket kings, courtesy of Julian Menendez. Menendez opened to 200,000, then shoved after Monsalves three-bet to 450,000.Monsalves snap-called and showed K♦K♥; he was up against Q♥T♥. Menendez flopped a ten but didn't improve from there.

The search for a winner goes on.

12:18am: Stuart McDonald eliminated in 6th place

The very next hand, Stuart McDonald shoved for 900,000. Julian Menendez re-shoved to isolate McDonald with A♦8♥. McDonald showed A♠6♠ and completely whiffed on a board of Q♥J♦4♦7♥K♠. His day is finally over, although he walks away with the lion's share of the six-way chop -- 166,341,000 pesos.

LAPT MEDELLIN 4 SEASON Stuart McDonald Day 3-2.JPG

12:15am: Forero's turn

Stuart McDonald seems to be the only player who's happy to shove, shove, shove now that the deal is done. He opened from late position to 280,000 and was called by Victor Forero out of the blinds. Forero checked the king-high flop, 5♣K♠7♦, then called all in for 1,305,000 after McDonald shoved. McDonald showed down lots of creativity but not much else with 3♥6♠. Forero had top pair, K♣9♥, which held up.

Forero now has 3.33 million. McDonald is down to about 900,000.

12:05am: Gomez doubles through McDonald

With a deal in place, we're hoping the players see fit to start getting the chips in a little lighter. But they would have been in regardless in a hand between Alexis Gomez and Stuart McDonald. Gomez open-shoved the small blind for 855,000. McDonald snap-called with A♦Q♥ and found himself dominated against A♠K♠. Both players missed the board, 8♥2♦3♣6♦5♥. Gomez's unimproved ace-king took down the double-up.

11:58pm: Modified payouts

As you might have guessed, the extended break occurred because the players were discussing a chop. With the big stack having only 26 big blinds, and the average stack having 16.7, a chop seemed like a good idea. The negotiations weren't easy, but in the end this is how the final six players modified the payouts:

Stuart McDonald: 166,341,000 pesos
Victor Forero: 136,025,000
Jessica Bedoya: 129,040,000
Jonathan Monsalves: 105,490,000
Alexis Gomez: 102,314,000
Julian Menendez: 95,540,000

The winner will receive an additional 28,000,000 pesos.

11:51pm: Level 29 begins (blinds 50000-100000, ante 10000)

After a very long break, play has finally resumed. 6 players remain.

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