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LAPT Colombia Day 3: Until the bitter end

lapt-promo.gifWe made it. At one point last night, late on Day 2 of the 2011 Latin American Poker Tour's Colombian National Poker Championship, it seemed like we might never make it to Day 3. A generous structure, combined with a surprising lack of big stacks to drive the action, pushed the tournament into the late hours of the night. It seemed like we'd never reach a final table of 9.

And so, in their infinite wisdom, the tournament staff called a halt to the proceedings with 28 very tired players left in the field. They bagged up their chips and were sent back to their homes and hotels to rest up for the final push on Day 3. Aussie Stuart McDonald bagged up the most chips. His total of 754,000, however, is double the average stack of 360,000 and represents only 47 big blinds.


We're not sure how things are going to play out today. Normal tournament math and logic would dictate that we should make the final table in about 4 hours of play. But normal tournament math and logic have been thrown on their heads in this tournament. We never expected to see a big buy-in tournament with as forgiving a structure as this one that resulted in an average stack of 23 big blinds with three tables left. The players have been playing very, very tightly.

Regardless, we're here for the duration. As is one of the returning 28 players. Given the shallowness of the stacks, it could be any one of them. Time well tell.

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