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2014 PokerStars King's Cup: Thomas Fabian leads Day 1b, Targa tops Day 1c

A huge field of 337 players entered on Day 1b in the form of 315 unique entries and 22 re-entries. With the field almost three times the size of Day 1a, the casualties flooded in throughout the day and with stack sizes swinging up and down like a yo-yo expert displaying their expertise, it wasn't until literally the very end of play that a clear chip leader was found.

That person was Thomas Fabian. The German knocked out two players with pocket tens against pocket sixes and ace-nine in one of the last hands of the day for what was a 150,000 chip pot. Fabian flopped top set and turned a full house to eliminate compatriot Marcel Tol and Czech player Petr Hejdanek. Fabian finished with 185,400, enough to lead but just over 5,000 short of Roman Mikus chip lead from Day 1a.


Thomas Fabian finished with the most on Day 1b and is second overall

Other big stacks to make it through were Andreas Weiske (171,600), Erjat Balinca (162,600) Milan Stanislav (148,800) and Georgios Manousos (132,500). Manousos had been chip leader for much of the day but it was only at the end when several players overlapped him.

Team PokerStars Pro was once again represented by Christophe De Meulder. Yesterday the Belgian pro was unable to win a single pot, today it appeared that one big hand had made his day when he held aces against kings and sixes to give him an above-average stack, De Meulder finished the day with a very respectable 65,800. He was not the only famous player on Day 1b though; former EPT Deauville winner Sotirios Koutoupas had also made an appearance alongside a band of Greek players but Koutoupas' day was cut short when he shoved blind only to find out he had 3♣2♦, needless to say it did not work out for him.


Petr Targa finished on top in the turbo Day 1c

Koutoupas also joined a field of 87 for Day 1c, the midnight turbo event but the Greek player couldn't make it through there either. This event began around half an hour after Day 1b finished and included numerous players who had busted throughout the second starting day. With levels lasting only 15 minutes, it was a quick 'day', shorter than a Lord of the Rings film (original, not director's cut). 41 players got to Day 2 led by Petr Targa who finished with 125,700.

Tomorrow a total of 198 (39+118+41) players will be coming back for eight-handed play with 79 spots paid. Day 2 will restart tomorrow at 2pm CET where 12 levels are scheduled to be played or the final table of eight reached. Join us as this tournament continues!

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