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Eureka4 Prague: Grin and Behr it

Peder Behr is going to be lamenting a certain hand for a while. The Swede bet 24,000 on the river of a board where he had kings against Ivan Soshnikov's ace-king. Soshnikov made the call and lost, leaving himself with just 4,600 - less than two big blinds at that point. So, for all intents and purposes the Russian, who won the High Roller event here last year, looked to be on his way out. Except that over the course of the next four hands he managed to double and treble up several times three hands in a row and then in the fourth hand he had pocket eights against Behr's pocket kings and hit a third eight on the turn to eliminate Behr. Soshnikov now has 75,000, which, although below average, is much better than the 4,600 he had a few minutes ago.


Showing some serious hattitude

With the bubble looming on the horizon, around 40 bustouts away, it looks as though Jose Carlos Garcia is the chip leader at this point. The Polish player with the very Spanish name, has over 400,00 at this point and it's difficult to see anyone who has anything remotely close to this. All three Team PokerStars Pros are still in tournament, both Eugene Katchalov, (175,000) and Martin Hruby (140,000) while Julien Brecard is on 75,000. The Frenchman told us that he managed to double up on the very first hand of the day with aces versus jacks.


Julien Brecard

The Eureka Poker Tour has yet to have a female winner but hopefully that will change sooner rather than later. Yaxi Zhu is certainly making a real effort towards that feat. With 60,000 already in the middle and the board reading T♦3♠7♠Q♠, Zhu raised Seppo Parkkinen's 12,000 bet to 35,500 to force the Finnish player to fold. She's up to 275,000 as a result, putting her in the top five chip counts at this point.

Tournament Update:

- 280 players are left
- 255 players will be paid, the tournament will play hand-for-hand from 260
- Level 14: 1,500/3,000 (400)
- Recent eliminations include Rupert Elder, Sergei Popov, Michael Telker and Konstantin Puchkov

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