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Eureka4 Prague: Level 14-16 updates (Blinds 2,500/5,000/500)

7.00pm: Dinner break
Players are on a 75-minute dinner break.

6.40pm: Pole position
At the moment, there's a Polish duo at the top of the leaderboard. Kacper Pyzara currently has 750,000 while Jose Carlos Garcia is on 740,000.

6.26pm: Team Pros Down
Eugene Katchalov has been knocked out, he pushed with Q♦T♦ but ran into J♠J♥. Also out is Julien Brecard who ran pocket nines into pocket tens.

6.05pm: Castaignon takes out two
Former EPT Deauville champion Remi Castaignon is up to 300,000 after he knocked out two players in one hand.

Castaignon: A♣K♠
Andrey Shubin: A♥Q♥
Madis Muur: 8♥8♣

The board came J♦4♣7♦K♦5♣ and Castaignon spiked a king to knock out both other players. Around 200 players remain.

6.00pm: Level 16 - 2,500/5,000 (500)
The blinds are up, the players will be on a one-hour dinner break after this level.

5.50pm: De Korver eliminated
Pieter de Korver is one of the notables among the eliminations as the tournament lost nearly 30 players in 20 minutes after the bubble burst.


Ori Muller bubbles Eureka4 Prague

5.25pm: Bubble bursts
A lot of action to catch up on. First Petri Leino went out with A♥Q♥ after getting his money in on a Q♣K♥8♥ flop against Rufino Suarez' A♣A♠. The 9♠ turn and 2♦ river changed nothing and 256 were left.

The next round there were four all-in and calls.

First Jolmer Meells doubled through with K♥K♦ against Niall Murray's J♦J♣ for a 220,000 pot. Ori Muller was then all in with A♥4♦ against Bartosz Zialkowski's A♣3♦ on a 9♣2♣3♠ flop. The T♦ turn and T♠ river changed nothing and Muller was eliminated. The Israeli could still split the bubble prize with two hands still to come though.

However, both pots were won by the short stack, first John May's jacks cracked Tomaz Kogovsek's aces by turning a jack, then Carlo Emeringer survived with aces against Petr Bulir's kings.This ended hand-for-hand play and now everyone else is in the money.

4.54pm: Level 15 is underway
Blinds are now 2,000/4,000/500.

4.35pm: Break time
With the tournament still two eliminations from the money, the players are on a 20-minute break.

4.24pm: Nissen drives on
With just 257 players remaining (one from the bubble) there was a double-up for Jonathan Nissen, he check-raised all in for 33,700 over the top of Cetin Sarikaya initial 7,000 bet with the board reading Q♣8♠T♣. Sarikaya called and the hand went to showdown.

Nissen: 9♣7♣
Sarikaya: Q♥9♥

The Q♠ on the turn improved Sarikaya to trips but the 6♠ on the river made Nissen a straight to keep him alive.

4.04pm: The bubble is looming

With 261 players left, the bubble will be likely hitting by the end of this level or just after the break at the start of level 15. Stay tuned here as all the details of which unlucky soul will leave this event with nothing to show for it.


Team PokerStars Pro Eugene Katchalov is going well in the biggest ever Eureka event

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