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Eureka4 Prague: Level 21-24 updates (15,000/30,000/4,000)

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4.15pm: Break time
Players are now on a short break.

4.13pm: Garcia gone
Jose Carlos Garcia is out, he made a big call on the river of a 5♦8♦ with A♦5♥ but couldn't beat the backdoor straight hand of Q♦6♦.

4.03pm: More for Mackoff
Apparently, Jonas Mackoff is trying to win this tournament today. He's just eliminated Tomasz Kowalski after the Polish player put all his chips in with 8♥6♦ on a 4♠6♥4♣ flop. Mackoff called with 7♦7♦ and 3♥ turn and 4♥ river changed nothing. Mackoff now has over four million chips. 28 players are left.


Chips. Jonas Mackoff has a lot of these

3.52pm: No Cetin thing
Dmytko Samoilenko has just doubled up through Cetin Sarikaya. Once all-in, the Russian quickly began to film his hand on his phone and watched as his K♥Q♥ beat Sarikaya's 6♠6♣ on a 4♣4♠Q♣K♣4♦ board. Sarikaya dropped to 750,000 while Samoilenko now has 1.3 million.

3.43pm: Zbib wins huge double-up
Ayman Zbib just rocketed out of his chair after he was all in on a 3♦9♣2♦ board with A♣9♥. Alexandros Papadopoulos made the call with A♦Q♠ and the 9♠ turn saw incredibly loud celebrations from Zbib and his rail. The K♦ river changed nothing. Zbib moved up to two million in chips while Papadopoulos was left with 480,000.

3.32pm: Duda denied
It's all over for former chip leader Antonin Duda, he three-bet and then called off his stack with 7♦7♥ against the running-hot chip leader Jonas Mackoff. The Canadian player turned over A♠Q♦ and hit an ace on the flop to eliminate Duda. Mackoff now has around 3.5 million in chips.

3.22pm: Przysucha doubles through Andreys
Jan Przysucha has doubled up through Lawrence Andreys, Przysucha spiked with A♠T♠ on a T♥4♣9♠K♠9♣ board against Andreys' . The Frenchman was crippled as a result.

3.19pm: Emeringer gets unlucky
Carlo Emeringer had Bartosz Zialkowski all in preflop and the latter was dominated.

Emeringer: A♥8♣
Zialkowski: T♠8♥

The board came 9♠4♠6♠4♦5♠ and Zialkowski rivered a flush to stay alive. Emeringer was left with just 5,000 and was knocked out in the next hand. The tournament is down to four tables and 32 players.

3.15pm: Level 24 - 15,000/30,000 (4,000)
The fourth level of the day is underway.

3.01pm: Budovskis bounced
Dainis Budovskis is the latest player out. 34 players remain.

2.53pm: Solid nitrolling from Mackoff
Magnus Nordmark raised to 50,000 preflop from late position before Jonas Mackoff made it 130,000 in the blinds. Here's where it gets hazy. At some point Nordmark had announced all in but neither Mackoff or the dealer had heard it. So Nordmark was waiting for Mackoff to make a decision and vice-versa. It wasn't until the clock was called by someone else that both players realised what had happened.

As soon as Mackoff realised his opponent was all in, he called instantly.

Mackoff: T♣T♠
Nordmark: 6♠6♣

The board came A♥5♣4♦T♦6♥ and Mackoff increased his chip lead. He has about 2.7 million now.


Chip leader Jonas Mackoff

2.39pm: Mackoff over two million
Jonas Mackoff is the new chip leader after he raise-called with A♠9♥ on the button against Olli Vahala. The latter had shoved from the blinds with K♦2♣ and couldn't hit on a 6♣7♠4♣Q♠5♦ board. Mackoff has about 2.4 million having previous doubled up through former chip leader Antonin Duda with aces against queen-ten, all in on a flop with Duda missing his straight draw.

2.33pm: Kudryavtsev knocked out by Pyzara
Sergey Kudryavtsev was all in on a 7♠J♣5♠ flop and Kacper Pyzara reshoved behind him getting a third player to fold. Kudryavtsev showed 7♣5♥ and Pyzara tabled 8♣6♣. The 9♦ turn gave the Polish player a straight and the river was the 3♥.

2.15pm: Level 23 - 12,000/24,000 (4,000)
The tournament has restarted. The updated chip counts are here.

2.02pm: Break time
Players are on a 15-minute break.

2.01pm: Exits a-plenty
Aleksandr Tikholiz, Yannick Bonnet, Kamil Pas, Ondrej Milabersky, Charly Geurinckx and Pavel Orth have all been knocked out.

1.51pm: Calonnec trebles up
A huge pot for Franck Calonnec, he was all in preflop with A♥A♠ against Osman Ihlamur's K♠K♦ and Kacper Pyzara who had 9♣9s]. The board ran out J♣T♥4♥8♣J♠ and Calonnec trebled up, Ihlamur won a small side pot but was crippled as a result

1.38pm: Not going White's way
Cedric Demore has just doubled up with K♠J♣ against Corbin White's A♦J♥. The Frenchman spiked a king on the 9♥K♣7♣8♦3♥ board. Demore has about 540,000 now while White was left with 565,000.

1.27pm: Xenodochidis hits two million
Athanasios Xenodochidis just won a big pot from Corbin White. The American check-called a bet of 275,000 on a 5♣4♣5♦ in a three-bet pot before check-folding to a 454,000 bet from Xenodchidis on the on the 4♥ turn.

1.19pm: Aido and others eliminated
Former UKIPT London winner Sergio Aido has been knocked out. His last chips went in with Q♠J♠ but couldn't hit against . The other players who have been knocked out are Marcel Buissink, David Burghardt and Stefanos Troumouchis.

1.05pm: Level 22 - 10,000/20,000 (3,000)
The second level of the day is underway.


Dario Sammartino

12.56pm: Hemsworth wheeled out of here
Simon Hemsworth was all in with A♠5♥ against Yannick Bonnet's A♣4♦. Hemsworth hit the 8♥3♥5♠ flop but Bonnet made a straight on the 2♥ turn and the Frenchman faded the flush draw on the Q♠ river.

Bonnet is up to 420,000

12.45pm: Budovskis doubles up
Dainis Budovskis hsa doubled up through Cezar Chivulescu, the former was all in with A♦K♠ on a 4♣8♣3♥ flop against the Romanian's T♣9♣ but Chivulescu contrived to miss all his outs on the 5♠ turn and 6♦ river.

Budovskis - 1,000,0000
Chivulescu - 570,000

12.41pm: Another down
Cemil Doganyilmaz is the latest casualty in the tournament.

12.30pm: Good to be Greek
Athanasios Xenodochidis looks to be the chip leader with about 1,900,000.

12.25pm: Like buses
Polish PokerStars qualifiers Jakub Debiczak and Pavel Kapczynski are out, as is Artem Iakovlev. The latter pushed with 3♠3♣ but ran into Stefanos Troumouchis' T♠T♦ on a 9♥A♣6♦Q♥Q♦ board.

12.11pm: The exits begin
The tournament is barely ten minutes old and already three players have been eliminated. John May lost with Q♠Q♦ to Cezar Chivulescu's A♣K♦ in a million chip pot when the board came J♦K♠9♠3♣4♦. Dawod Dawood quickly followed him out of the door, pushing with into Atanas Malinov's .

Jakub Debiczak has also been knocked out, he called all in with Q♦5♠ in a blind-on-blind confrontation against Alexandros Papadopoulos' 6♣4♥. The Greek player spiked a four on the flop and that was enough to eliminate Debiczak.

12.00pm: Level 21 - 8,000/16,000 (2,000)
The penultimate day of Eureka4 Prague is underway.

11.45am: Welcome to Day 3 of Eureka4 Prague
There are 57 players remaining in this record-breaking event led by former EPT finalist Antonin Duda who has 1,740,000. Today the tournament will be playing down to the final table of eight players. Play begins at midday.


Athanasios Xenodochidis is currently in second place with 1,731,000

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