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Eureka4 Prague: Level 34 updates (150,000/300,000/40,000)

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8.07pm: Ayman Zbib eliminated in 2nd place (€163,921)
The players have been playing very fast and it did not take much time the money to go into the middle. Ayman Zbib made a raise to 950,000 and Balasz Botond moved all in to cover his opponent. Zbib called very quickly.

Zbib: A♠J♠
Botond: 6♣6♦

The board came 4♣5♣Q♥ as the screams from a Hungarian rail consisting of 15 compatriots, Benny Spindler and Botond's pet dog cheered for low cards. The 7♥ on the turn changed nothing and the 7♦ river meant another record-breaking Eureka title was on its' way back to Hungary.

A full recap will follow shortly.


Ayman Zbib - 2nd

7.56pm: Zbib caught bluffing
Balasz Botond limped preflop and Ayman Zbib made it 1.2 million. Botond called and the T♦J♦7♥5♥2♦ board was checked to the river where Zbib bet 2.1 million. Botond raised to 5 million and Zbib, thinking he had been called, turned over A♣8♠, which counted as fold.

7.44pm: Zbib fights back
Ayman Zbib has just reclaimed the chip lead. He fired bets of 1.9 million and 3 million on the turn and river of a Q♣T♠3♦T♥8♥ board and Balasz Botond check-called both streets. Zbib threw down K♥T♦ for turned trips and won the pot.


Eureka4 Prague, heads-up action

7.38pm: Botond doubles up
A flurry of action preflop saw both players happily commit their chips into the middle.

Balasz Botond: A♣J♠
Ayman Zbib: A♦9♠

The board came A♠8♣7♥3♠J♦ and Botond made two pair to double up. He has about 21 million to Zbib's 13 million.

7.33pm: Still all to play for
There's not been too many hands of note so far but Ayman Zbib seems to prefer limping on the button whereas Balasz Botond is happily raising to 650,000 almost every time.

7.17pm: Level 34 - 150,000/300,000 (40,000)
The players are still heads-up:
Ayman Zbib - 24,060,000
Balasz Botond - 10,525,000


Heads-up action at Eureka4 Prague

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