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Eureka4 Prague: Over 500 remain for Day 2

So many eyes will be focused on the Super-High Roller event today but that field will still be dwarfed by the sheer quantity of players that remain in Day 2. In total, 142 players made it through Day 1A and a huge 400 managed to navigate through Day 1B. A total of 255 places will be paid with the winner receiving €280,000 and just making the final table will mean you pick up a minimum of €22,200 while finishing 255th will net you €1,800.


Kacper Pyzara, the actual Day 1B chip leader

The full chip counts for Day 2 are now up and you can click here to see them all. Also, I must issue an apology as last night it was reported that Cedric Demore was the chip leader. In fact, lost in the maelstrom of the 40-plus tables that were bagging and tagging players' chips was another big stack, that of Kacper Pyzara, who ended the day with 225,100 and was second overall to Tomas Fara.

Flying the flag for Team PokerStars Pro will be Eugene Katchalov who has 142,100 and Martin Hruby with 85,700. Other well-known players still in the tournament include Balasz Botond, (101,000), Sergio Aido, (86,900), Pieter de Korver, (85,300), Felix Stephensen, (72,300) and Shannon Shorr, (56,400).


Everyone will be attempting to accumulate chips today

The plan for today is to play ten levels. When the tournament approaches the bubble I will be switching to traditional reporting coverage to ensure you get all the latest news from this record-breaking event.

Tournament Update:

- Level 11: 800/1,600 (200)
- 542 players remain from 1,738
- Team PokerStars Pros Martin Hruby and Eugene Katchalov are among those still in

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