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Eureka4 Prague: What to expect when you're not expecting

"I did not expect it to go like this..." said a slightly dishevelled Rupert Elder looking at his 80,000 chip stack. Elder had 16,200 coming back today which left him 524th out of the 542 remaining and at this point he has mixed feelings on his current standing. Needless to say, he wasn't entirely optimistic about coming back today and went out to enjoy a night on the town - something he's paying for now that he has a decently-sized stack.


Rupert Elder is totally enjoying himself today

"I called a raise with 8-6 and check-raised all in on a 7-6-something flop against ace-ten. After that? I don't remember anything else...nobody has called me," he laughed before adding, "I lost my coat last night, I hope I can get it back."

In a similar position is Chaz Chattha who is hiding behind his sunglasses but quietly said, "I'm wearing these because I'm very hungover..." He was very appreciative when I told him there was about ten hours to go before play would end. Nevertheless, the British pro seems to have been the recipient of an early double-up since he's sitting with a very healthy 140,000 at this moment.

Elsewhere, Eugene Katchalov is up to 160,000 after he just eliminated Iliya Yordanov with A♣K♣ against J♦J♠ when the board came A♠K♦3♣3♦7♣. Fellow Team Pro Martin Hruby has 120,000 and managed not to lose too many chips with A♦K♥ against A♠A♥ on a 6♦4♦5♠8♥T♦ board. The final Team Pro Julien Brecard, is still looking for a spot to shove, he has 35,000 and will likely need to double up at some point soon.


Team PokerStars Pro Martin Hruby is looking to be the hometown hero

Over a hundred players have already been eliminated so far include (deep breath!): Martin Staszko, Jasper Wetemans, Jyri Merivirta, Dylan Linde, Josh Hart, Mike Hill, Maxim Panyak, Manig Loeser, Ana Marquez, David Vamplew, Jakob Karlsson, Adam Levy, Hugo Lemair, Ruben Visser and Roberto Romanello.

Tournament Update:

- Level 12: 1,000/2,000 (300)
- Around 380 players remain from the initial 1,738
- 255 players will be paid a minimum of €1,800
- The winner receives €280,000, the biggest ever first prize on the Eureka Tour

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