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Rafa vs The World

There are many sure things about Rafa Nadal:

He's a living legend.

He's a timeless champion.

He will face any opponent.

Now he's ready to take on the world.

Wednesday, March 19 at 5:30pm ET, Rafa will be in Miami for the Sony Open. While he's there, the PokerStars SportStar will jack up his competitive juices by taking on all comers in six-max Zoom on PokerStars. You're invited to play, watch, and chat with the current No. 1 tennis player in the world..

You might remember, Rafa took on Spain earlier this year in heads-up Zoom and walked away with a win. PokerStars webcast the event and let viewers ask questions using the #askrafa hashtag.

Now the webcast is following Rafa to Miami where he will battle for 5/10 play money blinds on PokerStarsPlay (the Facebook poker app). Players can also join the action on You can take on Rafa and ask him questions while he plays. Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu will be there to commentate on the action.


Negreanu said, "Rafa's poker knowledge and skill level has improved dramatically since he started learning the game. I'm looking forward to seeing if he can make this a hat-trick of wins, having already taken down the charity tournament at EPT Prague and beating players from across Spain."


Negreanu presenting the trophy to Rafa in Prague

The stakes may be play money, but there will be pressure on the champion. The webcast will be keeping track of all the hands Rafa wins. It will also keep track of all the hands the rest of the world wins after the flop. When the hour is over, PokerStars will multiply the winner's number of winning hands by $100 and give the cash to Care International.

Are you ready to take on the champion? Start working on your six-max Zoom game today.

Local start times

14:30-15:30 - Pacific Time (PDT)
17:30-18:30 - Eastern Time (EDT)
18:30-19:30 - Brasilia time (BRT)
21:30-22:30 - Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
22:30-23:30 - Central European Time (CET)
01:30-02:30 - Moscow Time (MSK)

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