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Austria's DaDumon wins PokerStars' largest-ever tourney

In Austria's wee morning hours, DaDumon made PokerStars history. After buying in for a mere penny, DaDumon beat out more than 253,000 other PokerStars players to win the biggest event in PokerStars history. Doing so meant that single penny buy-in would be returned with $9999.99 in winnings.

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In 2013 during the Road to 100 Billion celebration, PokerStars hosted what was then the biggest-ever online tournament. That year, the record was 225, 000. Tonight, that changed.

This week, PokerStars introduced its brand new micro-stakes series, Common Cents. With buy-ins ranging from a penny to 99 cents, the series is guaranteeing a quarter-million bucks in guarantees. Nearly half of that got paid out tonight in the $100,000 guaranteed event. More than 26,000 of the 253,698 players got paid. DaDumon banked $10,000 for less than 7 hours of effort.

Just how big was this event? Well, you could take every citizen of Nassau, Bahamas--every man, woman, and child--and put them at poker tables. The Common Cents kickoff would still be bigger.

Common Cents continues all week long. Tuesday, you can play an 11-cent buy-in event for a $3,500 guarantee. For more information, visit the Common Cents home page.

Once again, congratulations to DaDumon for the historic win.

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