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EPT12 Barcelona: Samuel Bernabeu, so good they named a stadium after him


Samuel Bernabeu: Fitting name on a football dominated day

If we forget about Neymar Jr for a moment -- we're reluctant, but we'll do it -- the other significant news from EPT Barcelona today was the size of the Main Event field.

The odd thing was, however, that this didn't get the attention it perhaps demanded. Maybe it was record-fatigue, or maybe we really were all swooning too hard over Barcelona soccer players, but at around 2pm or 3pm today, we learnt that we were watching the biggest Main Event in EPT history.

After 459 players showed up for yesterday's Day 1A, we needed 1,101 players today to match the 1,560 who played the PCA in 2011. It didn't take long for the first 1,000 to pour in, and by the time we checked the board at the end of the day, there were more than 1,210 entries.

See that record? It's been smashed. (And registration remains open until noon on Wednesday.)

It was a hell of a job finding the chip leader tonight, given that about 790 players remained at close. But if reporters have done their job properly, that largely meaningless accolade lies at the feet of Samuel Bernabeu.

Little is known about Bernabeu beyond the fact that he's won a Deep Stack Extravaganza in Las Vegas, has made the final table of an Estrellas Poker Tour event and he's a Spanish lad who has dared to come to Barcelona bearing the name of the stadium of the arch villains in these parts (Real Madrid). Not only that, he's had the audacity to bag 202,000 chips.

We also have the following players involved still, and they find themselves on this list either by virtue of their reputation or their stack size. Sometimes both.

Samuel Bernabeu, 203000
Jonathan Concepcion, 187200
Irimia Marius, 164700
Milan Rabsz, 163900
Jude Ainsworth, 155800
Jose Besalduch, 153500
Erwan Pecheaux, 147200
Samuli Sipila, 147000
Mikal Blomlie, 109600
Gaelle Baumann, 107700
Ryan Riess, 103500
Jan Heitmann, 67400
ElkY, 36900
Matthias de Meulder, 28300
Nacho Barbero, 76900
Felipe Ramos, 69900
Fatima Moreira de Melo, 65400
Alex Gomes, 51400
Johnny Lodden, 48200
Lynn Gilmartin, 33000
Dimitar Danchev, 25700
Max Lykov, 19800
Michael Egan, 19600


Jude Ainsworth: Back with a big stack

By this time tomorrow, the field will be a little more manageable, and the hands that have been played a little more meaningful. We'll be able to tell you a little bit more throughout the day, and will know how much they are all playing for.

It's game over, however, for the likes of Benny Spindler, Luca Pagano, Barny Boatman, Tom Middleton, Marcin Horecki, Sam Grafton, Vanessa Selbst and Gerard Pique. They are all among the debris at the side of this long and punishing road.

More tomorrow! Join us at noon for Day 2. And somebody please get Pierre Neuville some headphones. He's had enough of Will Kassouf to last a lifetime.


Will Kassouf and Pierre Neuville: The tormentor and the tormented

You can follow all the action from the various tournament floors on PokerStars Blog. The Main Event action is on the Main Event page. And everything from Neymar's tournament -- that's the official name -- is on the single day high roller page.

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