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ESPT6 Barcelona: Prize pool info and the nationalities pie (super-sized)

The blitz of bustouts continued through the second hour of Day 2 of the Estrellas Barcelona Main Event. A third of the day's starters have already been knocked out in just two hours of play, as just 664 remain.


Where some of the eliminated players' chips went

That means the money bubble is suddenly starting to edge onto the horizon, which makes it as good a time as any to take care of the business of reporting some prize pool information for this record-breaking ESPT event.

It's the biggest freezeout tournament in PokerStars history as far as the number of players participating is concerned. With 3,292 entering, the prize pool is a massive €3,193,240, to be divided among the top 487 finishers with an eye-popping €491,000 to be awarded to the winner -- that's just over 446 times the buy-in!

Those making the final table (to be played Monday) will be scheduled to earn the following:

1st: €491,000
2nd: €256,500
3rd: €168,000
4th: €139,500
5th: €116,540
6th: €93,600
7th: €71,400
8th: €52,100

While were sharing facts and figures, we have information about nationalities to share as well.

Players from 81 different countries came to the Casino Barcelona to play this event, an especially high number that exceeds that of many past EPT Main Events. Spain is the best represented with 590 out of the 3,292 (21%), with France next in line with 445 entrants (16%). Italy (251; 9%), Germany (233; 8%), Russia (151; 5%), and the U.K. (143; 5%) each sent considerable numbers, too.

Enjoy the following chart showing how big of a slice of the field each of the nationalities claimed. We had to special order a really, really big pie for this one:


In the time it took to share this with you, another 100 players have fallen. Back soon with news from the bubble.

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Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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