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Grab your headphones for EPT Not Live podcast

We're here today to recognize something that doesn't get talked about enough in our society:

EPT Live Withdrawal Syndrome.

Symptoms include staring forlornly at your blank computer screen, singing "Everyone Loves a Chop Pot" in the shower, and buying a monkey with a stubbly beard and naming him "Stapes."

It happens 'round 'bout this time of year when there's a several week break between European Poker Tour stops. There is no EPT Live. It's like a week without coffee, a diet with no fiber, or non-alcoholic beer. Why even bother getting out of bed, right? Call a nurse and hide under the covers (note: this is exactly, to the letter, the Stapleton Prescription for EPT Withdrawal).

But we have found a cure, ladies and gentlemen, and it begins this Friday. It's EPT Not Live, a podcast for people who just can't wait until the next EPT stop.


Starring the men you know and dream about, James Hartigan and Joe Stapleton, EPT Not Live is the methadone for the EPT Live junkie. Or, better put...

"We're aiming to fill the gap between live events and live streams with a weekly look behind the scenes on the EPT." James Hartigan said that. And this. "In the process, we hope to open up the wider wonderful world of PokerStars."

The episodes will last an hour or more and will usually be released on Fridays when there is no real EPT Live action going on. Each week will feature special guests, stories from the tour, discussions of recent TV shows, and a chance to win prizes.

"Every week, there's an exclusive 'Everyone Loves a Chop Pot' T-shirt up for grabs," Hartigan said. "Listeners will be invited to apply via Twitter to take part in an on-air contest. Each week, one lucky super fan will be selected, and will get to go head-to-head against Stapes. They will probably win."

This week's first episode will feature UFC legend Tito Ortiz and a look at the bizarre bubble from EPT Barcelona.

In the coming weeks you'll hear from ElkY about his deep run at EPT Deauville and his new gig streaming on Twitch. Hartigan and Stapleton will also chat up 2014 PCA winner Dominik Panka.

The first episode comes out this Friday. You can subscribe to it on iTunes.

Finally, at long last, we have a cure for EPT Live Withdrawal Syndrome. Now we only have to work on finding a nature preserve for all these stubbly monkeys who answer to "Stapes."

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