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Help the people of Nepal now

The people of Nepal are in trouble and we want your help. On behalf of PokerStars, Full Tilt and Amaya, the Helping Hands corporate giving programme is calling out to the poker community to support the relief operations. We will double your donation. Give a dollar and we'll make it two. Give us $50? We'll match it and pass $100 over to CARE International, who are on the ground helping to save lives right this second.

Click here to go to the PokerStars donation page.

You will have likely seen images from Nepal in the last 24 hours. On Saturday, a devastating magnitude 7.8 earthquake hit Nepal, causing widespread destruction. The reported death toll has quickly moved into the thousands and is growing, while it is also feared that nearly a million children have been severely affected by the country's worst earthquake in 80 years. Action must be taken immediately to prevent further tragedy.


The people of Nepal need our help (Photo credit: Glyn Riley)

We have set up multiple ways to donate - tournament lobbies, player transfer and FPP donations - and will double player and staff donations in the same way we did with the Typhoon Haiyan relief fund. That raised more than $560,000 in 2013 and, as reported last year, your contributions really made a difference.

At the time of writing, the death toll sits at more than 5,000 people, up from 1,000 on Sunday, and many more are at risk, not just because of aftershocks, but because of the humanitarian crisis that a natural disaster leaves in its wake.

Secondary disasters caused by factors including, but not limited to, food and water shortage, poor sanitation, exposure and outbreaks of disease can also be deadly and are particularly punishing on the young and elderly. As many as 80% of homes have been destroyed in some outlying areas, which has left entire communities at risk and without support. The sooner aid reaches the people of Nepal the more effective it will be.

The US government has pledged $1m, Great Britain £5m, Australia $5m, the European Commission €3m. I'd like to think that the international poker community can show its heart by digging deep. We will match your donation and together we will make a real difference. Please make whatever contribution you can and do it now. Just $5 will provide a whole family with food for a day. Thank you.


(The easiest way to donate is by searching and registering for the 'Nepal Earthquake Relief' tournaments in the lobby, or you can click on the 'DONATE NOW' link above to see the full range of options.)


Sue Hammett is the Head of Corporate Giving for PokerStars and Full Tilt.

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