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Koovoon becomes Spin & Go millionaire number seven

We're not entirely sure if the news that someone has won a million dollars on PokerStars will ever get boring, but in case it does we should warn you that it happened again this weekend.

We've said this seven times in the past month now, but it took place in a PokerStars Spin & Go, one of many taking place during our Spin and Go anniversary celebrations.

Canadian player Koovoon hit the $1 million jackpot in a $100 Spin & Go on Saturday morning, one which took just 39 hands to conclude. Time wise, it was wrapped up in a little more than nine minutes.


It wasn't all about the winner, although Koovoon may rightly be on top of the world. Runner up AndyG1810 from Russia collected $100,000 in consolation, as did Play2win$1kk, also from Russia, in third place.

If you'd like your own consolation remember that our anniversary spin and go's, with buy-ins ranging from $0.50 to $100, will run until the end of November, leaving you plenty of time to hit your own jackpot.

The format is simple. Spin & Go's are fast-paced, 3-Max Hyper Turbo tournaments. You get 500 starting chips and each tournament has a randomly drawn prize pool awarding somewhere between two and 10,000 times your buy-in.

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Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.

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