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Manila Megastack 2: Bigger and better

When I first came to PokerStars LIVE Macau in 2008 the Macau Poker Cup (MPC) began with a modest 33 players in the Red Dragon main event. Six years later, that same tournament draws nearly a thousand players.

The team at PokerStars LIVE Manila has plans to replicate that same success in the Philippines with the Manila Megastack as the 2nd installment of the series arrives March 25-29.

This past January, the inaugural Manila Megastack had 61 players in the the PHP 25,000 Main Event - well ahead of the MPC starting point - and Korean Joon-han Lee went into the history books as the first ever winner.


So what now?

For Manila Megastack No. 2 the good people at PokerStars have doubled the Main Event prize pool guarantee from PHP 1 million to PHP 2 million!

Also, for those who are chasing the leaderboard rankings there will be six Official Asia Player of the Year events on hand (previously only two).

The 'City of Dreams Manila' complex has also completed its grand opening so if you haven't seen the Philippines' newest resort since the official opening then this is your perfect excuse to check out the finest casino and entertainment venue in the city.


Wed, Mar 25 @ 6:15pm - PHP 2,500 NLH
Thu, Mar 26 @ 6:15pm - PHP 10,000 NLH
Fri, Mar 27 @ 6:15pm - PHP 15,000 NLH Turbo
Sat, Mar 28 @ 2:15pm - PHP 25,000 MAIN EVENT (PHP 2 million guarantee)
Sun, Mar 29 @ 1:15 PM - PHP 50,000 NLH
Sun, Mar 29 @ 2:15 PM - PHP 5,000 KO Bounty

For the complete Manila Megastack schedule please visit this web page.

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