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Russia's sss66666 spends $5 on Spin & Go, wins $1 MILLION

It's the middle of the night in southern Russia, but there is one house where you can be sure all the lights are on. If you can't find it by the light, just listen for the screaming.

Just minutes ago, a Russian PokerStars player with the screen name sss66666 entered a $5 Spin & Go tournament. As the little wheels spun, he could've ended up playing for a little bit of money. Instead, he hit the jackpot.


For the first time ever, those Spin & Go wheels landed on a $1.2 million prize pool. The three players in it were guaranteed $100,000. The winner? A cool million.

It took less than 15 minutes, and when it was done, sss66666 had $1 million in his account.


The hyper turbo Spin & Go events move fast.

Within four hands sss66666 had lost half his stack, but after a quick double up, he managed to knock out Nonko999 with A♠8♥ versus pocket sevens.

From there, it only took two more hands. With only a 10-chip lead, sss66666 and geldduvel saw a cheap flop of A♠8♠9♠, absolute gold for sss66666 who once again held A♣8♥. He check-raised the flop, and got it all-in on the J♦ turn. Geldduvel only had A♦5♥, and it was over almost as quickly as it started. Geldduvel earned $100,000.

Meanwhile, the man from southern Russia is now looking at an extra $1 million in his PokerStars account. How does it feel? We've reached out to him to find out. We'll assume he will get back to us as soon as his hands stop shaking.

Congrats to sss66666 on being the first-ever $1 million PokerStars Spin & Go winner!

Below, PokerStars' Lee Jones and Sarah Herring discuss the big win.

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