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WCOOP 2015: Shaun Deeb captures his third WCOOP bracelet in Event #44 ($215 NLHE 4-Max)

The last time we wrote about a Shaun Deeb WCOOP win, he was coming out of what proved to be a very temporary "retirement" from online poker. In the five years since, Deeb's life has changed in almost every way possible. He left the United States and relocated to Mexico to continue playing online. He got married. He became a father. He won five SCOOP titles and almost made it six this past spring. A little over three months ago, he added a WSOP bracelet to his ever-expanding list of poker accomplishments. And tonight, Deeb won his third WCOOP bracelet in Event #44 ($215 NLHE 4-Max). He joins an exclusive club of three-time bracelet winners that includes Anders "Donald" Berg, Ryan "g0lfa" D'Angelo and Mikal "mikal12345" Blomlie. Although he's still short of Dan "djk123" Kelly's record four WCOOP bracelets, Deeb currently holds more 'COOP titles than any other player with eight total.


Three-time WCOOP champion Shaun Deeb

Event #44's 1,593 players contended for a $400,000 guaranteed prize pool. 208 of them earned a share of it with $68,000 set aside for first place.

Day 1 included 22 levels of play and by the end of the evening, 39 contenders remained. Here's a look at the top stacks.

End of Day 1 Chip Counts

kylef89 (Canada) 671,949
Sherfy (Mexico) 547,881
BruceWizayne (Canada) 440,308
jackadam (Hungary) 392,115
MarkusG91 (Norway) 332,140

Other notable finishes included WCOOP bracelet winner flashdisastr (22nd), Bryan "bparis" Paris (21st), Jason "jdtjpoker" Wheeler (19th), Dylan "ImaLucSac" Linde (14th), and Mikal "mikal12345" Blomlie (10th).

Action resumed on Sunday at 2pm EDT and went for four more hours before reaching a final table. With six players remaining and the blinds up to 8,000/16,000, britva212 limped in and dejanaceking shoved for 1.17 million from the big blind. Britva212 called off his remaining 250,000 and turned up A♦K♥ while dejanaceking showed 3♥3♠. Dejanaceking flopped a set of threes and they held up to send britva212 to the rail on the final table bubble.


Final table chip counts

Seat 1: shaundeeb (1,176,940 in chips)
Seat 2: Sherfy (931,248 in chips)
Seat 3: jackadam (2,498,452 in chips)
Seat 4: dejanaceking (1,456,070 in chips)
Seat 5: master beto (1,902,290 in chips)

The final table lost its first player when Sherfy opened for 50,000 and dejanaceking three-bet to 150,500 from the big blind. Sherfy shoved for over 1 million and dejanaceking called. Sherfy's K♠8♠ was dominated by dejanaceking's A♣K♦ and did not improve on the Q♥Q♠3♣T♠7♣ board. Dejanaceking moved up to 2.48 million while Sherfy hit the rail in fifth place.

Three hands later, jackadam doubled through dejanaceking when his A♣A♠ held up against A♥K♦. Dejanaceking fell to 839,000 in chips and continued spiraling downward before three-bet shoving preflop for his last 307,000 with Q♥T♥. Shaundeeb called with A♦T♦ and his hand held through the turn, but dejanaceking caught a river queen to double to 660,000. Four hands later, dejanaceking's tournament life was on the line again. All-in iwht A♥8♥ vs. master beto's A♦7♦, dejanaceking flopped an eight and doubled again, this time to 1.36 million.

With the blinds up to 15,000/30,000, master beto three-bet shoved for 802,000 preflop and shaundeeb called. Master beto's A♠J♥ did not improve and Deeb's pocket sevens flopped a set, ending master beto's run in fourth place.

As play turned three-handed, jackadam won two huge pots in a row. In the first, shaundeeb four-bet preflop to 424,000 and jackadam called to see the K♠7♦2♦ flop. Both players checked and the turn came the 2♥. Deeb bet 300,000 and jackadam called. The river fell the T♠ and they checked it down. Jackadam revealed 3♣3♦ for two pair and took down the 1.46 million pot vs. Deeb's A♦Q♥. On the next deal, jackadam clashed with dejanaceking, who four-bet preflop to 288,888. Jackadam called and checked the 7♥5♦3♥ flop. Dejanaceking bet 194,838, jackadam raised to 420,000, dejanaceking came back over the top for 645,162 and jackadam shoved for 3.39 million. Dejanaceking gave up his hand and jackadam raked in the 1.94 million pot without a showdown.

Up to 4.95 million in chips, jackadam pushed shaundeeb below a million in chips when he fired three bullets at a K♠Q♣5♥7♥9♥ board. Shaundeeb called him down, but couldn't beat jackadam's Q♠7♠. However, before more sparks could fly between those two, dejanaceking three-bet shoved for 555,000 preflop and both shaundeeb and jackadam looked him up.

dejanaceking A♦2♦
shaundeeb K♦J♣
jackadam J♠T♠

Jackadam could have won the whole thing right here with the correct flop, but instead he ended up in kicker trouble vs. shaundeeb when it fell J♦7♦5♣. Dejanaceking picked up the nut flush draw, but failed to fill it on the 3♠ turn or the 7♠ river. Dejanaceking departed in third place, while shaundeeb more than doubled to 2.7 million.

Heads-up chip counts

Seat 1: shaundeeb (2,696,828 in chips)
Seat 3: jackadam (5,268,172 in chips)

Deeb entered heads-up play down 2 to 1 in chips, but quickly rebounded when his A♥9♥ flopped an ace and made trips on the turn vs. jackadam's pocket kings. Deeb took the lead with 4.8 million, while jackadam fell to 3.17 million. Deeb stole blinds with abandon and chipped up to 6.66 million when jackadam three-bet shoved for his last 1.3 million preflop. Deeb called.

jackadam A♦K♣
shaundeeb A♠8♥

The flop came down Q♠9♣5♦, jackadam keeping the lead. The 6♣ turn gave shaundeeb four additional outs with a gutshot straight draw, but the river fell the 8♣... pairing his kicker. Jackadam's dominating hand went up in flames and shaundeeb locked up his third WCOOP bracelet.

Congratulations to Shaun Deeb on yet another WCOOP win! He banked $68,000 for the win, and also earned another 100 points in the WCOOP Player of the Series race, where he currently sits in second place. For his runner-up finish, jackadam earned $41,328.00.

The WCOOP is headed into it's final week. Don't miss out on your chance at a bracelet! Check out the WCOOP homepage for a full schedule of events and satellite information. If you don't have a PokerStars account yet... what are you waiting for? Click here to sign up.

Event #44: $215 NLHE 4-Max
Prize pool: $400,000
Places paid: 208

1. Shaun "shaundeeb" Deeb (Mexico) $68,000.00
2. jackadam (Hungary) $41,328.00
3. Dejan "dejanaceking" Divkovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) $23,960.00
4. master beto (Costa Rica) $14,580.00
5. Sherfy (Mexico) $9,336.00

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