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EPT13 Barcelona: Sebastian Malec, wizard, chip leader

Sebastian Malec is a work of art.

He sits under a permanent case of bed-head. His glasses frame his lightly-stubbled face in a way that suggests Harry Potter after an all-night Barcelona bender. He could be a wizard, and we wouldn't be at all surprised. He munches on chocolate chip cookies, absentmindedly loses his sunglasses, and does involuntary spinning happy dances when he sees something that amuses him. His decisions involve no fewer than ten exaggerated hand gestures that suggest a man who is calculating pi to the 1000th decibel while explaining to a cranky deli customer why the soup is cold. He is part wizard, part lovable comic book villain, part mad scientist.

He is also a PokerStars qualifier and the chip leader of the EPT Barcelona Main Event.

NEIL0814_EPT13BAR_Sebastian_Malec_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Malec has spent the day wowing his opponents, his dealers, the reporters, and even the poker Fates themselves. Tonight, with 24 players remaining, Malec has 5,690,000. It's good for the chip lead and a good foundation for a Day 5 in which we could see him morph something out X-Men.

Here's the full list of the final 24 and their chip counts.

Sebastian MalecPoland5,690,000
Uri ReichensteinGermany3,870,000
Stephen MaloneIreland1,000,000
Simon LofbergSweden1,930,000
Andreas ChalkiadakisGreece3,140,000
Andrea CortellazziItaly2,925,000
Jean-Jacques ZeitounFrance2,300,000
Thomas De RooijNetherlands1,905,000
Morten MortensenDenmark2,075,000
Pavel PlesuvMoldova745,000
Olli AutiöFinland1,495,000
Nuno CapuchoPortugal2,150,000
Pavel VekslerIsrael2,435,000
Harcharan Dogra DograSpain2,225,000
Michael AddamoAustralia3,245,000
Adam OwenUK2,045,000
Mikhail MolchanovRussia1,310,000
Zorlu ErTurkey1,225,000
Alexandru BaronCanada3,666,000
Alisan HolozluGermany1,615,000
Anthony ChimkovitchBelgium1,075,000
Stefan VogtGermany1,100,000
Konstantin PuchkovRussia2,360,000
Vojtech RuzickaCzech Republic2,135,000

Day 5 began with 98 players. After a 12-hour day, it ends with just three tables and the promise of making a final table by the end of tomorrow. Of the course of the afternoon and evening, we saw some giants fall, including Jason Mercier, Jason Koon, Vojtech Ruziack, Erik Friberg, Mikhail Shalamov, Brian Yoon, Eugene Katchalov, Kent Lundmark, Brynn Kenney, and Ronny Kaiser. To see a full list of the payouts for the event, see the EPT Barcelona winners page.

If you still need some action tonight, you can scroll down to all the live updates below to see how we got to this point today. Also, check out out coverage of the massive €10,000 High Roller which will be going on for another hour or so.

After that, join us back here on Saturday for the Main Event final table hunt and to see what magic Sebastian Malec has up his hoodie sleeve.

Until then, goodnight from Barcelona.

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