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Can you take on Neymar Jr in Truth or Bluff?

Being able to spot a bluff is a fundamental skill for a poker player and its one that could earn you a Golden Chip, containing signed Neymar Jr merchandise.

It's called Truth or Bluff and you'll get to pit your wits against Neymar Jr to see if you can pick off his bluffs.

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By taking part in the Facebook contest, you'll have the chance to win a Golden Chip, containing a "Dress like Neymar bundle", which includes a £10,000 Puma gift voucher, signed boots and a "Signed by Neymar bundle" whilst the Instagram contest offers a "Signed by Neymar bundle".

The format is easy. We'll be posting a clip on each of the channels above and Neymar Jr will read out two statements, one will be true and one will be a bluff. The action will pause and at that point you decide which of the statements is a bluff.

They'll be six of these contests in total, taking place between April 28th and May 14th, give a correct answer and you'll be entered into an All-in Shootout freeroll that takes place on May 21st.


The first videos will be released today, with the answer (concluding part of the video) revealed tomorrow. They'll be more videos, posted over the coming weeks.



You can enter this contests by replying to each video in the comments section, with your answer, the hashtag #TruthOrBluff and your [Stars ID].

Then comes the fun part, with the money can't buy prizes.

So for now, log into Facebook or Instagram, check out the videos and make your choice, we promise you that this is not a bluff, but from this point on, you're on your own!

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