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ACOP Main Event Day 1a: PokerPro helping to build a sustainable poker economy in Macau

For those who have been to Macau previously and are returning to the PokerStars LIVE at the City of Dreams, you'll notice a new addition to the poker room. Six of them in fact.

There are six shiny new PokerPro cash game tables around the poker room spreading cash games across HK$5/10 or HK$10/20 Pot Limit Omaha, as well as HK$10/20 and HK$20/40 No Limit Holdem.

Never heard of PokerPro? These things are fantastic. Each player at the table has their very own touch screen that displays cards and chip stacks, while a large screen in the middle of the table shows the community cards and betting action. It's very similar to online poker, but in a live poker setting.


There are many positives to the PokerPro machines. Firstly the game runs quickly with time banks that soon expire on slow players, which ensures that you'll get more hands per hour than a regular table. There are also no dealer errors or delays for things like changing decks.

The benefits go even further here in Macau.

Over the years, poker has been squeezed out of casinos as Baccarat earns a whole lot more in revenue. The low limit poker games such as HK$10/25 that were previously run around town, now no longer exist, and some poker rooms have sadly been forced to close their doors. The poker economy was struggling as beginners no longer had an affordable entry point into the game of poker.

PokerPro is the perfect solution to that problem. PokerPro is able to offer low limits so new players now have a way to give the game of poker a try without being intimidated, and a pathway through the limits that will benefit all games in this region. There are also, theoretically, no limits to the number of PokerPro tables that can be installed in a casino.

The games are even being advertised on the nearby electronic Baccarat tables, so hopefully it might tickle the interest of a new batch of players, which is exactly what the goal was in the first place for poker in Macau. PokerPro is going back to grass roots level and nurturing the low limit players to help build a sustainable poker economy for the long term.

If you want to give the games a try, then you can register just like any other cash game table, but usually with less wait time! You'll need a City Club card which you can then fund at the cashier or you can purchase a prepaid PokerPro card to dive into the action.

It's an exciting time for poker in Macau as we predict a new wave of players to the game thanks to the PokerPro tables.

Heath "TassieDevil" Chick is a Freelance Contributor for the PokerStars Blog.

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