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ACOP Main Event Day 1b: Setting the line

One of the ways in which the poker media likes to amuse themselves during a poker tournament is to have a few friendly side bets with each other. Usually the stakes are small, or involve some sort of dare or challenge, with the bets usually made in relation to something to do with the tournament. Things like who will be the chip leader at the end of the day, what level we'll reach the final table, or how many players will be left at the end of the day are always popular topics of debate.

Another fun one is setting the line at how many entrants will turn up for an event.

Yesterday my esteemed colleague Tim Duckworth threw a line at me of 210 players for the ACOP HK$100,000. I snap-called the overs.


In my time in Macau, there's one thing I've learned, and that is that guarantees are made to be broken. The Macau locals know how to support a poker tournament, and even though this event only pulled 184 last year, I was extremely confident we'd see the growth that I've come to know in this region.

Yesterday we pulled 93 runners. Not a huge number but certainly well on track to break the guarantee as long as we had a strong turnout on Day 1b.

Well now, as we tick into the second level, and approaching the first break of the day, I admit, I'm a tad nervous. The clock on the big screen seems to be stuck on 103 entrants. That's a total number of 196 - still a table or two short of a win! Surely I can't lose the unloseable side bet?

As I write, I've just spotted Billy "The Croc" Argyros and Lee Nelson chatting on the rail. They're certainties to buy in at any moment, but have they brought an entourage with them?

Surely a few readers of this blog will come down to the City of Dreams and buy into the Main Event. Not just to compete for HK$20 million in prize money, but to ensure I win this bet. The stakes are high after all. The greatness that is the Chinese Ribena fruit drink, as well as pride, is on the line. It's not a bet I want to lose.


Heath "TassieDevil" Chick is a Freelance Contributor for the PokerStars Blog.

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