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ACOP Main Event Day 2: The morning after

It's 4:59pm. Most office workers are packing up their stuff and rushing out the door, hoping to beat the rush hour traffic on their way home. A virtual world away, the poker community are dusting themselves off and stumbling into the PokerStars LIVE at the City of Dream poker room to start their day on Day 2 of the Asia Championships of Poker (ACOP) Main Event.


A 5:00pm start time might sound a little bizarre, but this is Macau. And last night was the pool party to end all pool parties. More on that a little later.

To paint the picture, let's just say that media row is looking a little dishevelled today. They can party with the best of them, so please excuse a few of them who are more intent on Facebook updates than tournament updates this afternoon.

The tournament directors are busily giving final instructions to dealers and spreading bags around the room. They are the consummate professionals who can somehow drink a bar tab to the point of extinction, yet arrive to work the next day, smartly dressed in suit and tie, and somehow scoot around the tables with the enthusiasm of a working experience kid. It's a little depressing for those of us nursing sore heads right now.

Then of course there are the players. There are a few who arrived early, unbagged their chips and are ready for a big day of poker. They must've been the smart ones who either skipped the festivities last night or left at a reasonable hour, whatever time that might be in a place like Macau. There are plenty of lonely bags still sitting on the felts, and the floor has just given instruction for the dealers to unbag them on behalf of the players. Even a 5:00pm start time wasn't late enough for these guys who clearly kicked on into the wee hours of the morning.


The man who leads the charge, both day and night, is PokerStars Macau chief Danny McDonagh, and he has just given the final instructions to send the cards flying into the air. He also informed our 169 remaining players that we'll be playing five levels today which means we'll be wrapping up a little after 1:00am local time.

Stay tuned to the PokerStars Blog throughout the day as we do our very best to bring you stories both on and off the tables from the Asia Championships of Poker while the PokerNews team deliver the live hand updates in the section at the top of the page.

Heath "TassieDevil" Chick is a Freelance Contributor for the PokerStars Blog.

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