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ACOP Main Event Day 3: Halloween hauntings

We predicted that we'd see some scary bad beats today, and that's exactly what has unfolded in the early levels of play here on Day 3 of the ACOP Main Event.

One player to feel the hauntings of Halloween was former EPT Copenhagen champion Michael Tureniec.


On a flop of K♠6♥9♣, action checked to Tureniec who bet 4,400, but his opponent, Yuanji Dai, check-raised to 10,400. Tureniec moved all in for 20,500 and Dai made an ambitious call with 7♥7♦, as Tureniec was in great shape to double up with his Q♣Q♦. The turn was the J♦ but the river was a devastating 7♣ to give Dai the two-outer to send Tureniec to the rail as the first casualty of the day.

Another to suffer today was APPT Melbourne champion Billy Argyros. If there was one player who we thought would be safe today, it was the man they call "Crocky". After all, a crocodile is a pretty aggressive creature that could handle any just about any fright that might come his way. Or so you would think.


Sadly, this croc couldn't overcome a three-way all in with Argyros' K♥K♦ up against Hao Tian's A♦A♣ and Chenxiang Miao's T♥T♣. A third ten on the flop would see both aces and kings cracked!

It's been a brutal start to the day and it only got worse for our hostess Sarah Grant.


As we suspected, she had some trouble getting through security in her Halloween make-up and costume. After a brief appearance in the poker room to shoot a welcome video, Sarah was asked to exit the casino and remove her fancy dress. Two hours of make-up sadly gone to waste. It seems not everyone enjoys the spirit of Halloween.

Heath "TassieDevil" Chick is a Freelance Contributor for the PokerStars Blog.

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