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ACOP Main Event Final Table: Cheng chopped

The two-hour session following the dinner break didn't produce a whole lot of action in the ACOP Main Event. Sunny Jung was the big mover of the last two hours, recovering from the short stack to now have a big say in this championship.

Jung had his tournament on the line with A♦3♥ against Alvan Zheng's 5♣5♠ but an ace arrived on the turn to breathe some life into his tournament.


From there, Jung made a flush, found pocket queens and then turned up the heat with a series of three and four-bets to keep his opponents jumping.

As that happened, Yat Wai Cheng was slipping in the other direction and eventually the two collided.


Devan Tang opened with a min-raise to 40,000 and Jung called on the button before Cheng moved all in for 315,000. Tang quickly folded but Jung made the call with 4♠4♣ to be coin-flipping with Cheng's K♠Q♦.

Cheng received no help on the board of 2♥T♦2♠7♠2♣ as Jung's pair held for the knockout blow. It was a great tournament for Cheng who fought valiantly all the way to a 4th place finish worth HK$1,485,000.


The three-handed chip counts see Sunny Jung now in the lead with 2.7 million, ahead of Devan Tang's 2.05 million and Alvan Zheng's 1.2 million.

In a further twist to the tale, PokerStars Macau head honcho Danny McDonagh has just informed the players that he will reserve the right to potentially halt play tonight if we get past 3:30am (it's currently approaching 1:00am). The reason for that is that the High Roller final table is also tomorrow, so it will be impossible to ask staff (and media!) to be here all night and then have to come back again early tomorrow afternoon.

The players were happy enough with that, with Sunny Jung quipping, "Don't worry! I will play quickly!"


In between ACOP events, some of our Team PokerStars Pros jumped into the new PokerPro cash game tables here in the PokerStars LIVE Macau poker room. All reports were positive as hostess Sarah Grant found out:

Heath "TassieDevil" Chick is a Freelance Contributor for the PokerStars Blog.

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