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ACOP Main Event Final Table: Japan's last hope falls

The ACOP Main Event was always going to hit a few lulls today. It's a case of testing who would ride it out best with the patience required to grind down their opponents.

Japan's last hope was Yoshitaka Okawa but unfortunately he was unable to grind it out as he recently became our 5th place finisher.


Okawa seemed to be pretty active of the six remaining players, but got himself into a couple of tricky spots that cost himself chips.

Okawa ran into Alvan Zheng's straight to lose a few chips, then called a few streets with a flush draw, only to brick the river against Devan Tang to drop a little more.

Finally Okawa decided to get aggressive as he jammed from the small blind for around 165,000 after Tang had limped the button. However this time, Tang had a real hand and instantly called with T♥T♣ to have Okawa in serious trouble with his A♥4♠.

The board was spread 8♣2♣9♥Q♠6♥ and without an ace to save himself, Okawa was sent to the rail in 5th place for a very nice HK$1,188,000 score.


From five to four we go! Alvan Zheng still holds the chip lead with 2.3 million, with Yat Wai Cheng staying out of trouble with 1.65 million. Devan Tang is now up to 1.5 million while Sunny Jung is still on the short stack with around 500,000.

The players are about to take a 60-minute dinner break, with play scheduled to resume at around 10:35pm local time.

Heath "TassieDevil" Chick is a Freelance Contributor for the PokerStars Blog.

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