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ACOP Main Event Final Table: Zheng caught in the middle

The experience of Devan Tang and Sunny Jung has risen to the fore here in the three-handed battle for the Asia Championship of Poker (ACOP) Main Event title. Alvan Zheng was the one caught in the middle and it took its toll.


Zheng had slipped back to 580,000 when he three-bet jammed all in over the top of an open from Sunny Jung. Devan Tang was in the big blind and he was the one to make the call as Jung got out of the way.

Zheng showed 8♠8♣ and the race was on with Tang's A♥K♥. The flop landed 3♠J♥5♠ to leave the pair in front before the Q♠ appeared on the turn. Tang added a straight draw, but spades were now no good.

The dealer burned and revealed the K♦ on the river to the roars from the rail, pairing up Tang with an off-suit king to take it down and eliminate Zheng in 3rd place. It was a great tournament for Zheng as the overnight chip leader collects HK$1,980,000 for his time here in Macau.


We're now heads-up for the ACOP Main Event gold Spadie! It's a battle of two of Macau's original high-stakes specialists in Sunny Jung and Devan Tang. They've both been here since the dawn of poker in Macau and have probably duked it out on the felt many times before. But never before have they played for such a prestigious title.

It looks like Jung will take a small chip advantage into heads-up play, but the two have decided to take a quick break and look at the potential deal numbers before play recommences. Mind you, they are going to start about 240 big blinds deep here, so we're going to need either a big rush or a cooler to finish this thing tonight.

Heath "TassieDevil" Chick is a Freelance Contributor for the PokerStars Blog.

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