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ACOP Warm-Up: Day 1B, Level 5-7 Updates (400/800/100a blinds)

1:35am: Play concludes
Day 1B has now concluded as players are currently bagging up after a tough day on the felt.

Unless something crazy happened on the final hand, it appears as though Tom Choi will be the chip leader.

Stay tuned for a full recap of all the Day 1B action as well as the official end-of-day chip counts of every player and the Day 2 seating draw.

1:25am: 200k!
It was only a raise and a bunch of folds, but Tom Choi has now eclipsed the 200,000-chip mark by just a handful of antes.

Whether or not he can hold onto it and the end of the day we will have to wait and see.

1:20am: Seven more hands
The clock has reached the final 15 minutes of the level and been paused.

The Tournament Director asked chip leader Tom Chio to draw for the number of hands, and it came out to seven.

1:10am: Double digits
The pace of the tournament has definitely slowed down this level with players knowing that the end of the night is near.

However today's Day 1B flight has finally reached double digits after the most recent elimination of an unknown player as the clock now reads 99 remaining.

12:55am: Matsunaga falls
From early position Asako Matsunaga pushed all in for just over 18,000 and was looked up by the player on the button.

Matsunaga: K♣Q♥
Opponent: Q♣Q♦

The board ran out 6♦2♥2♠9♣6♣ and Matsunaga headed to the rail.


12:45am: Chio still leads, Alner making a run
Tom Chio took a few hits during the last level, but he still is the overwhelming chip leader with 145,000.

Snapping at his heels are Alvin Cheam (66,000) and Tom Alner (65,000) while Minh Nguyen and Juicy Li are also creeping up the leaderboard.

An updated list of chip counts can be found here.

12:35am: Play resumes
The cards are back in the air after the Tournament Directors completed the race-off of all the remaining green 25-denomination chips.

This is the final level of play for the evening.

12:20am: Break time
The remaining players are heading on their last 10-minute break for the evening.

12:05am: Prizepool announced
The prizepool for the 2013 ACOP Warm-Up has been announced with the 338-player field creating a HK$7,540,780 prizepool that will see the top 38 players guaranteed a HK$45,000 payout with the final table payouts as follows.

1st - HK$1,700,000
2nd - HK$1,170,000
3rd - HK$695,000
4th - HK$547,000
5th - HK$434,000
6th - HK$358,000
7th - HK$283,000
8th - HK$208,000
9th - HK$170,000

Complete prizepool and payout information.

11:50pm: Nanonoko no more
Following a cutoff raise to 1,300, Randy "nannoko" Lew three-bet the button to 2,750 only to have the small blind make it 4,725 to go. The cutoff folded, and after careful deliberation, Lew made the call as the dealer spread a 8♠9♥3♥ flop.

The small blind continued for 3,300 and Lew went into the tank for close to three minutes before eventually moving his last 10,600 into the middle. The small blind instantly called and the cards were tabled.

Lew: J♠J♦
Opponent: A♠A♥

With Lew needing to find one of the last jacks in the deck, the 5♦ on the turn and 9♣ on the river would spell the end of his tournament.

Randy "nanonoko" Lew from earlier

11:40pm: Some eliminations
There are a few empty seats where the notables use to reside, and after a quick check of all the tables, the worse can be realized as Didier Guerin, David Borg and Lee Nelson have all been sent to the rail.


Didier Guerin

11:30pm: Runaway chip leader
Tom Choi is running away with the chip lead as he now sits with 160,000.

That is double his closest rival in Alvin Cheam who is sitting on his direct left with roughly 75,000 in chips.

With two more levels to play there is a strong possibility that Chio may eclipse the 200,000-chip mark.

11:20pm: Level up, blinds 300/600, ante 75

11:15pm: Lin clips Alner
Hung-Sheng Lin opened to 800 only to have Tom Alner three-bet the cutoff to 1,850. Lin made the call before checking the 7♠6♠2♣ flop.

Alner bet out 1,950 and Lin counted out a check-raise to 4,500. Alner made the call, and when the 3♥ landed on the turn Lin would go into the tank for nearly two minutes before betting out 10,000.

Taking nearly as long to find his decision, Alner would opt to muck his hand and slip to 65,000 as Lin moves to 48,000 in chips.


11:10pm: Six-bets and a Karamalikis bust
Following a raise to 850, Jonathan Karamalikis three-bet next to act in the hi-jack to 2,000. With the action folding to the small blind, he pushed out a four-bet of 5,400 as the original raiser swiftly folded.

Karamalikis then slid out a five-bet of 8,300, but since it wasn't enough, he made it the legal 8,800 to go before the small blind asked for a count of what Karamalikis had behind. The Australian revealed it to be roughly 22,000 on top, and with that the small blind moved all with Karamalikis snap-calling for his tournament life.

Karamalikis: K♥K♣
Opponent: A♥K♦

The flop would fall 6♠Q♦A♦ to see Karamalikis sunk to a one-out underdog, and when the 7♦ and 9♠ completed the board, he was left to head to the rail.


Jonathan Karamalikis in happier times

11:00pm: Small win for Lew
Randy Lew opened the action with a raise to 850 which was called by the big blind.

Lew continued for 1,000 on the 6♦6♠5♣ flop with his opponent making the call before the 4♣ and J♦ was checked down on the turn and river.

The big blind tabled his Q♦T♠, but it would be Lew's A♦5♦ that would see him capture the pot and move to 27,000 in chips.

10:50pm: Huntly chops top pair
Facing a raise to 825, Dennis Huntly made the call from the big blind to see a Q♠T♠3♣ flop fall.

Huntly tossed in 2,100 and his opponent made the call before Huntly bet out 4,600 when the turn landed the 2♣. Again Huntly's opponent would make the call before both players checked the 7♠ on the river.

Huntly tabled his Q♥J♣, and when his opponent tabled his Q♣J♥, the pot would be chopped up.

10:40pm: Huang halted
Unfortunately PokerStars Team Asia Pro Bryan Huang has been eliminated from today's flight. His tweet says it all.

10:30pm: Chio still leading but Cheam closing in
A quick round of chip counts still sees Tom Chio on top with 130,000 but it appears as though Alvin Cheam is closing the gap as he sits with 78,000 ... and is on his direct left.

Julius Colman has taken a step back to sit with 50,000 along with Tom Grigg while Vivian Im still has a healthy 45,000 in chips.

To view the remaining chip counts, click here.


Julius Colman in action

10:20pm: Play resumes
The cards are now back in the air with registration officially closed.

It appears as though we have 137 players remaining from this Day 1B field that is locked out at 197.

An official number of total entrants along with the prizepool and payouts are expected shortly.

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