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ACOP Warm-Up: Day 3, Level 15-16 Updates (2500/5000/500a blinds)

5:00pm: Break time
The remaining 30 players are heading on a 10-minute break.

Make sure to join us in a new blog post once play resumes.

4:50pm: Win for Wong
Ken Wong opened to 10,500 and was called by Saehoon Lee, Zhen Wu and Alexander Trevallion.

The flop fell 7♠K♠5♥ and after a check from Trevallion, Wong led for 24,500 leaving himself just 40,000 behind. Lee, Wu and Trevallion quickly sent their cards to the muck and Wong was pushed the pot to move to 110,000 in chips.

4:40pm: Yogo eliminated
ANZ Player of the Year Iori Yogo has just been eliminated in 31st place.

The remaining 30 players have now made the pay jump of a guaranteed HK$52,500.


Iori Yogo - 31st place

4:35pm: Spets ships and doubles
The action folded round to Roger Spets on the button, and he moved all in for 111,000. Terry Fan was in the big blind and contemplated his decision for several minutes before eventually making the call.

Spets: 5♣5♦
Fan: A♥J♦

The Q♥T♥3♥ flop was one of the best ones Fan could hope for without taking the lead, but when the turn and river blanked out with the 4♠ and 4♦, Spets would double through to 230,000 while Fan was left with under 100,000 in chips.

4:30pm: Gurung gone
Milan Gurung opened with a raise only to have Yibo Zhou three-bet. Gurung responded by moving all in and Zhou made the call.

Gurung was racing with his A-K against Zhou's T-T, and after the board produced no ace or king - but a ten on the river - Gurung was out in 32nd place.

4:20pm: Pantling exits
Wesley Pantling pushed all-in pre flop holding a weak ace and Inge Forsmo would call holding A♣9♣.

Unfortunately for Pantling, the ace on the river would give Forsmo the pot as his kicker played and the Canadian would be out in 33rd.

For Forsmo, he is now the chip leader with roughly 630,000 in chips while overnight leader Tom Alner is hovering around 525,000.

4:15pm: Guzzardi rivers Ho
Calvin Ho opened to 12,500 from under the gun and both Michael Guzzardi and Alexander Trevallion made the call as the dealer dropped a 9♣4♦J♠ flop.

Ho continued for 14,500 only to have Guzzardi raise to 35,000 ad Trevallion sent his cards to the muck. Ho made the call before both he and Guzzardi checked down the K♥ and A♣ on the turn and river.

Ho tabled his J♣T♦, but it would be Guzzardi's A♦Q♦ that would see him capture the pot and move to 270,000 while Ho slipped to 150,000.

4:05pm: Kaneko knocked out
Japanese player Mayumi Kaneko is the next player to be eliminated, and she will be taking home HK$45,000 for her 34th place finish.


4:00pm: Level up, blinds 2,500/5,000, ante 500

3:55pm: Tzimas topples
Georgios Tzimas pushed all in and Mansour Khorramshahi made the call.

Tzimas: 8♥8♣
Khorramshahi: 7♣7♦

With Tzimas in great shape to double through, the 7♥A♣J♠ board would see him outdrawn and be left drawing to just two outs. The T♥ on the turn gave Tzimas an additional four outs, but once the 5♣ landed on the river, the Greek PokerStars Qualifier would be heading out the door in 35th place.

3:50pm: Jacks for Lee
Michael Guzzardi opened to 8,000 only to have Saehoon Lee three-bet to 23,000 from the hi-jack. With the action on Calvin Ho in the big blind, he cold four-bet to 56,000 as Guzzardi folded his hand - later telling us he had A-Q.

Lee would make the call before being greeted with a bet of 53,500 on the 8♦4♣Q♦ flop. The Q♥ and 4♠ on the turn and river would be checked through by both players with Ho tabling his T♥T♦ and Lee his J♦J♣ to see the Korean capture the pot to move to roughly 375,000 in chips.

3:45pm: Quick eliminations
Just as was expected once we reached the money, a quick succession of eliminations have followed now that players are guaranteed a payday.

Firstly Munetaka Muzuta and Thomas Mou exited before a table was broken to leave us with just three, and then Dutch PokerStars Qualifier Nick van de Laak was bounced out in 36th place.

3:40pm: Aidan Tam bubbles
PokerStars Qualifier Aidan Tam is the ACOP Warm-Up bubble boy.

With other hands going on at the same time, when there was word that the bubble may have burst, we rushed over to table 5 to see a board of 2♣A♣3♠K♣8♣ spread.

As the dealer broke down Tam's chip stack, it appeared as though he had 5♣7♣ and had opened the action from under the gun while his lone opponent in the hand would be Patrick Crivell with A♦Q♣. The money supposedly was reported to us that the money went in on the river with Tam's flush being outdrawn by Crivell.

With that, the remaining 38 players are in the money and guaranteed a HK$45,000 payday.


ACOP Warm-Up bubble boy Aidan Tam

3:35pm: Guzzardi doubles
Michael Guzzardi opened with a raise which was called by Saehoon Lee as the flop fell Q♦7♥Q♥. Guzzardi continued for 9,000 only to have Lee raise to 34,000. Guzzardi shoved for 105,500 and Lee instantly called.

Guzzardi: 8♣8♥
Lee: A♥6♥

With Guzzardi in the lead, the 7♦ and 5♦ on the turn and river would ensure he didn't become our bubble boy.


Michael Guzzardi; happy that no ace or heart fell

3:25pm: Nguyen survives
From the hi-jack Georgios Tzimas opened to 8,000 only to have Nang Quang Nguyen move all in for 14,000 with Tzimas calling.

Tzimas: T♥7♥
Nguyen: T♠T♣

The board ran out A♣9♥K♣8♣8♠ and Nguyen doubled through.

3:20pm: Mizuta triples
Munetaka Mizuta open-jammed for 16,500 and both Milan Gurung and Nang Quang Nguyen made the call.

The 6♠T♥9♣5♣5♠ board was checked down with Nguyen tabling Q♦8♦, Gurung A♦J♦ and Mizuta A♠9♠ to triple through.

3:15pm: Forsmo doubles
Catching the action with the flop reading K♥9♥8♦ and roughly 24,000 in the middle, Inge Forsmo continuation-bet for 13,500 only to have Iori Yogo check-raise to 40,000. Forsmo moved all in for 224,000 and after a long time in the tank, Yogo called.

Forsmo: K♠8♠
Yogo: K♦J♠

The turn and river landed the 5♥ and 4♥ to see Forsmo double to 480,000 as Yogo was left with roughly 55,000 in chips.

3:10pm: Hand-for-hand
With the recent elimination of Robert Schiffbauer and the completion of hands on the other tables, the tournament is now hand-for-hand until we lose one more.

3:05pm: Schiffbauer eliminated
Robert Schiffbauer open-shoved first hand and collected the blinds and antes, and on the second hand he shoved all-in again but would be looked up by Roger Spets.

Schiffbauer: 9-9
Spets: T-T

Unfortunately for Schiffbauer, there would be no help from the community cards as he was sent to the rail in 40th place.

3:00pm: Play underway
The cards are now in the air for Day 3 of the ACOP Warm-Up.

The plan will likely be to lose one and then switch to hand-for-hand until the money is reached.

Good luck players!

Alner leads Day 3, bubble burst looming
Welcome back to PokerStars Live at the City of Dreams for Day 3 of the Asia Championship of Poker (ACOP) HK$25,000 Warm-Up.

Yesterday saw 145 players from the combined Day 1 flights return to the felt to battle through seven levels of play that would hopefully put is close to the money, if not in it. Unfortunately for the many short stacks remaining, it wouldn't have been a pleasurable night trying to get some rest as the day ended just two eliminations away from the money and a guaranteed HK$45,000.

One player that definitely slept well was the United Kingdom's Tom Alner who steamrolled through the field to bag the chip lead with 546,000 - roughly 140,000 more than his nearest rival. Alner's day begin with a slow climb up the leaderboard before spiking a set with 9♦9♣ against Sparrow Cheung's K♦K♣ to soar into the outright lead. Alner's next big jump came at the hands of a double elimination with A♠A♥ against K♦K♥ and J♣T♣.

Chip leader Tom Alner

Although Alner may think he already has one hand on the ACOP Warm-Up trophy, there are many notables that would like to put a stop to that. Terry Fan and his dreams of becoming Asia Player of the Year are still alive while Macau regulars Juicy Li, Kai Paulsen and Ken Wong, alongside Michael Guzzardi, Julius Colman and Billy Argyros are still remain.

Top 10 Chip Counts
Tom Alner (UK) - 546,000
Saehoon Lee (Korea) - 408,000
Victor Hon (Australia) - 377,500
Calvin Ho (Hong Kong) - 321,500
Iori Yogo (Japan) - 312,000
David Foran (Ireland) - 305,500
Patrick Crivell (Canada) - 287,500
William Te (Philippines) - 265,500
Keita Koyama (Japan) - 265,000
Paul Cheng (Hong Kong) - 234,500

Day 3 Chip Counts
Day 3 Seating Draw

Play is set to resume at 3:00pm local time with the PokerStars Blog providing continuous live updates of all the day's play as we aim to reach the final table of nine within seven levels. So keep your browsers locked right here as we begin mapping out the course of the next ACOP Warm-Up Champion!

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