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ACOP Warm-Up: Day 3, Level 17-18 Updates (4000/8000/1000a blinds)

7:10pm: Break time
The remaining players are heading on a 10-minute break.

Make sure to join us in a new blog once play resumes.

7:00pm: Packed house
Today is a busy day here in the poker room four events running simultaneously.

Not only is the ACOP Warm-Up in full swing but both the HK$2,500 PLO and HK$11,000 KO Big Bounty have started while yesterday's HK$15,000 PLO Championship is on the bubble of the final table.

Throw in a few cash game tables and a HK$1,500 Mega Satellite at 9:30pm local time, and it's not likely that this room will be empty anytime soon.

6:55pm: Foran doubles, Mansour lucky to be alive
An interesting hand has just developed on table 2.

On a flop of T♣K♠4♠ we found David Foran leading out with a bet only to have Mansour Khorramshahi slide out two stacks of 5,000-denomination chips. Foran announced call - believing it was an all-in - and tabled his hand of A♥A♣ as Khorramshahi revealed his A♠K♦.

The turn and river landed the 2♥ and 7♠ and that is where the confusion began as a few players on the table asked what exactly had happened.

The Tournament Director was called over and was explained the situation and deemed that Khorramshahi would not have to sacrifice any more chips - since he was covered by Foran - and that Foran would win what was already in the pot.

Following the hand, Foran moved to 550,000 while Khorramshahi slipped to just 50,000 in chips.

6:45pm: Lee spikes straight flush
Saehoon Lee opened with a raise in the cutoff and the small blind made the call before Tom Alner three-bet from the big blind. Lee responded by moving all in for 206,000, and once the small blind folded, Alner called.

Lee: A♥Q♣
Alner: A♣Q♦

An expected chop was on the table, but the 3♥5♥2♥ flop saw Alner drop his head as he was now at a big disadvantage with potential scoop outs heading Lee's way.

One of those outs - the best one for Lee - would be delivered on the turn when the 4♥ landed to give the Korean a straight flush as the A♠ completed the board on the river.

As Lee climbs to 430,000, Alner drops down to just 295,000 in chips.

6:35pm: Paulsen eliminated
Unfortunately we were unable to get the action, but Norway's Kai Paulsen is the next to fall in 22nd place.

6:25pm: Te toppled by Hon's tens
William Te opened with a raise only to have Victor Hon three-bet from a few seats over. The action passed back round to Te and he moved all in for an additional 125,500 and Hon made the call.

Te: A♥K♣
Hon: T♣T♦

The board ran out 9♦Q♣2♥Q♥5♦ and Te was sent to the rail in 23rd place as Hon soared to 635,000 in chips.

6:15pm: Dours dusted
Billy Argyros opened with a raise and was called by Nang Quang Nguyen in the small blind before Romain Dours moved all in from the big. Argyros smooth-called as Nguyen stepped out.

Argyros: K-K
Dours: J-6

With Dours in desperate need to spike a two-pair or better combination, he would unfortunately see a set of bricks as Argyros' kings would hold up as the French PokerStars Qualifier headed to the rail in 24th place.


Romain Dours - 24th place

6:10pm: Level up, blinds 4,000/8,000, ante 1,000

6:05pm: Mansour doubles
Mansour Khorramshahi found himself all in holding K♣Q♣ against David Foran's 9♣9♦.

The board was spread A♦2♣J♣J♠T♦ to see Khorramshahi doubling to 130,000 as Foran slipped to 180,000.

6:00pm: Spets strikes to stay alive
Tom Alner opened to 12,000 only to have Roger Spets three-bet to 32,000. Alner responded by making it 64,000 only to have Spets shove for 238,500 with Alner calling.

Alner: Q♠Q♥
Spets: A♠K♠

The board ran out T♥4♦9♦A♦6♣ to see Spets double through to roughly 500,000 as Alner slipped to 495,000 in chips.

5:55pm: Trevallion and Sim exit
Both Alexander Trevallion and APPT Cebu Champion Jae Kyung Sim are the most recent players to be eliminated.

Trevallion took 26th while Sim managed to make the pay jump in 25th for HK$60,000.


Jae Kyung Sim - 25th place

5:45pm: Chow flops set, doubles
Michael Guzzardi opened to 12,000 from under the gun and both Raymond Chow and Jae Kyung Sim called from the big blinds to see a Q♦6♣3♣ flop fall.

Guzzardi continued for 15,000 and only Chow called before both players checked the J♥ on the turn.

When the J♠ completed the board on the river, Chow led for 20,500 only to have Guzzardi move all in. Chow called for his 97,500, and after seeing Guzzardi's K♠J♦, he tabled his 6♠6♦ for a full house to double through to 275,000 as Guzzardi slipped to 485,000 in chips.

5:35pm: Ho halted
Calvin Ho is heading home in 27th place after losing a race for his tournament life.

Ho was all in holding A-K against Michael Guzzardi's T-T but he couldn't spike to stay alive. Guzzardi is now sitting with 595,000 in chips.

5:25pm: Wong flushed out
The action folded round to Ken Wong in the small blind and he raised to 15,000. Michael Guzzardi then announced he was all in from the big blind and Wong made the call for his 120,000-chip stack.

Wong: 6♥6♣
Guzzardi: K♥9♦

The T♥J♥8♣9♥7♥ board would see Guzzardi outdraw Wong on the turn and then further his lead on the river to send the 2012 Aussie Millions finalist to the rail in 28th place.


Ken Wong - 28th place

5:15pm: Colman and Ko fall
Straight out of the blocks we have lost two players from the same table.

Julius Colman and Seung Hun Ko have both been eliminated in 30th and 29th place respectively.

Just one more elimination until we are down to three tables.


Julius Colman - 30th place

5:10pm: Play resumes
The cards are now back in the air.

With the tournament progressing as planned, it is very likely that the final table will be reached by the seventh level tonight.

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