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ACOP Warm-Up: Day 3, Level 19-20 Updates (6000/12000/2000a blinds)

9:20pm: Dinner break
The remaining 16 players are heading on a 40-minute dinner break. Here are the dinner break chip counts.

Table 2
Seat 1: Paul Cheng - 135,000
Seat 2: Michael Guzzardi - 235,000
Seat 3: David Foran - 495,000
Seat 4: Mansour Khorramshahi - 130,000
Seat 5: empty
Seat 6: Tom Alner - 615,000
Seat 7: Saehoon Lee - 440,000
Seat 8: Billy Argyros - 225,000
Seat 9: Yibo Zhou - 190,000

Table 3
Seat 1: Raymond Chow - 630,000
Seat 2: Victor Hon - 220,000
Seat 3: Inge Forsmo - 790,000
Seat 4: Patrick Crivell - 460,000
Seat 5: Terry Fan - 310,000
Seat 6: Jian Yang - 750,000
Seat 7: Wei Hsiang Yeu - 590,000
Seat 8: empty
Seat 9: Roger Spets - 400,000

Make sure to join us in a new blog post once play resumes.

9:10pm: Guzzardi doubles
Yibo Zhou opened the hi-jack to 30,000 only to have Michael Guzzardi move all in for 109,500. Zhou called and the cards were tabled.

Zhou: A♥T♥
Guzzardi: A♣J♦

The board ran out 6♠5♠K♣4♥K♥ to see Guzzardi double through to roughly 235,000 in chips.

9:05pm: Lam eliminated
Yue Hin Lam open-shoved holding A-6 and Tom Alner re-shipped with A-8.

Everyone folded, and when Lam was unable to spike his six, he was sent to the rail in 17th place as Alner moved to 620,000 in chips.

9:00pm: Foran pushes
David Foran opened with a pre flop raise and Yue Hin Lam called from the small blind before checking a 9♠K♦2♠ flop.

Foran continued for 31,500 only to have Lam check-raise to 70,000. Foran pushed back with a raise to 231,500 and after careful consideration, Lam folded while slipping to 95,000 as Foran moved to 450,000.

8:50pm: Dinner break planned
Originally a 10-minute break was scheduled at the conclusion of this level, but with the tournament pace slowing, APPT President Danny McDonagh has decided that a 40-minute dinner break will be had.

8:40pm: Yeu four-bets
Inge Forsmo opened to 25,000 only to have Patrick Crivell three-bet next to act to 63,000. With the action on Wei Hsiang Yeu on the button, he slid out a stack of chips amounting to a cold four-bet of 110,000.

Both Forsmo and Crivell quickly passed as Yeu collected the pot and moved to 645,000 in chips.

8:25pm: Khorramshahi doubles again
Mansour Khorramshahi has just found another double; this time to 125,000 courtesy of Saehoon Lee.

Lee opened with a raise to 25,000 and Khorramshahi called from the big blind before check-raising all in with Q♦J♣ on a Q-9-9 board. Lee made the committed-call with K-T, but when two blanks rolled off, Khorramshahi was scooping the pot.

8:20pm: Level up, blinds 6,000/12,000, ante 2,000

8:15pm: Khorramshahi doubles
Mansour Khorramshahi moved all in for 34,500 and David Foran called from the big blind.

Khorramshahi: Q♠T♠
Foran: K♠2♦

The board ran out J♦T♥4♦8♠Q♥ and Khorramshahi doubled through.

8:10pm: Croc spikes broadway
Mansour Khorramshahi limped in, as did two other players before Billy "The Croc" Argyros shoved all in for 116,500 from the big blind. Khorramshahi called as the other limpets passed.

Khorramshahi: A♦K♣
Argyros: A♣J♥

With Khorramshahi in the lead, the K♠3♣2♠ flop gave him a commanding edge, but when the T♠ landed on the turn, Argyros now had outs to Broadway.

As Argyros' rail surrounded him, the dealer delivered the Q♣ on the river giving Argyros the straight and the double to 260,000 while Khorramshahi was left crippled with just 40,000.


Billy Argyros screaming out loud as he spiked a straight on the river

8:05pm: Nguyen out
Nang Quang Nguyen found himself all in holding K-Q against David Foran's 9-9.

Unfortunately for the PokerStars Qualifier there would be no love on the board of bricks as he was sent to the rail in 18th place.

8:00pm: Chow flops trips on Guzzardi
Raymond Chow opened the button to 23,000 only to have Michael Guzzardi three-bet to 55,000. Chow made the call as the dealer dropped a 8♥Q♥8♦ flop and Guzzardi led for 55,000.

Chow went into the tank for close to two minutes before making the call as the K♦ landed on the turn and Guzzardi announced he was all in for over 420,000. Chow returned to the tank - this time for over three minutes - before making the call for his remaining 214,000.

Guzzardi: 9♦9♥
Chow: 9♠8♠

With Chow flopping trips, the A♣ on the turn would ensure him the huge double to 670,000 as Guzzardi slipped to 230,000 in chips.


Raymond Chow now joins the chip leaders

7:55pm: Nang doubles
From early position Nang Nguyen moved all in for 58,000 and Billy Argyros called from the big blind.

Nguyen: 6♣6♦
Argyros: 4♥4♦

The board ran out 7♦5♣8♦T♠3♦ and Nguyen doubled through.

7:55pm: Final two tables
Following the elimination of Juicy Li, we are now down to the final two tables.

With roughly 140 minutes left of scheduled playing time and nine more eliminations needed, it is definitely going to come down to the wire.

7:50pm: Juicy exits
Yibo Zhou opened to 23,000 only to have Juicy Li move all in for 104,500 from the big blind. After some hesitation, Zhou made the call.

Li: A♣J♥
Zhou: T♠T♣

The board ran out K♥K♦4♥9♠Q♣ and Li was out in 19th place as Zhou climbed to roughly 400,000 in chips.

7:40pm: Mansour doubles
Mansour Khorramshahi moved all in holding A♠Q♣ and Nang Nguyen called with T♦9♦.

The board ran out 7♣J♠Q♥5♠5♥ to see Khorramshahi double through to roughly 100,000.

7:30pm: Wu walks
From under the gun, Zhen Wu moved all in for 73,500 and Saehoon Lee called from the big blind.

Wu: A♣T♥
Lee: Q♦T♣

The board ran out 3♣6♠Q♥7♠5♦ and Wu was headed to the rail in 20th place as Lee moved to roughly 520,000 in chips.

7:25pm: Big stack watch
The current big stacks remaining in the tournament are as follows.

Victor Hon - 630,000
Inge Forsmo - 625,000
Jian Yang - 620,000
Patrick Crivell - 565,000
David Foran - 540,000
Michael Guzzardi - 460,000
Roger Spets - 450,000
Saehoon Lee - 440,000

7:20pm: Play resumes
The cards are now back in the air with 21 players remaining.


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