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ANZPT Darwin Day 1A: Levels 1 & 2 (blinds 75-150)

2:40pm: Ten-minute break

2:38pm: Done-woodie

Sean Dunwoodie is the first notable casualty of the day after his flush draw was picked off by Byron Henderson. The chips went in on a flop of 9♣A♦2♣ with Dunwoodie pushing with 8♣6♣ but Henderson made the tough call with 9♥6♠ for middle pair. The turn was the 3♥ and river the 7♠ to leave Dunwoodie to make a hasty exit as Henderson jumped up to 32,000.

2:35pm: 2,500 is the magic number

With the flop reading 3♠J♣8♠, action checked to Luke Edwards who fired a bet of 850. His opponent in the small blind check-raised to 2,500 with Edwards making the call. The 7♥ hit the turn and the small blind bet another 2,500. Edwards called and the K♠ fell on the river. Action then checked to Edwards who decided to keep everything in sync with another bet of 2,500. His opponent called and Edwards opened J♥8♥ for two pair as his opponent slammed A♣J♦ on the table in disgust.

Edwards has chipped up to nearly 30,000.

2:18pm: Brotha D continues where he left off

Danny Leaoasavaii, better known as "Brotha D", is in the house here in Darwin following on from his huge win in the recent APPT Auckland Main Event, as he appears to be taking the opportunity to play a few more events on the tour. And why not? The "Godfather of New Zealand Hip Hop" is in fine form and has proven that he has what it takes to match it with the world's best.

He's off to a great start here in Darwin and is up to 38,000 after raking in a recent pot. Brotha D raised from early position to 325 and picked up two callers to see a flop of 7♠9♠8♣. Action checked to Brotha D who followed up with a continuation bet of 800. One fold and one call from the big blind to see the 8♦ hit the turn. Again it was checked to Brotha D who released another bet worth 2,100. His opponent called before both players checked down the T♦ river.

"I have the bottom end of it," sighed Brotha D as he showed 5♦6♦ for a flopped straight that got progressively weaker as the board got scarier. It didn't matter though as his opponent mucked and Brotha D continued on his merry way.


Brotha D in the house at the ANZPT Darwin

2:02pm: Dunwoodie gets there

Sean Dunwoodie has recovered some chips as he currently appears to be the most active player at his table. After raising preflop to 400 and finding a caller in the big blind in Byron Henderson, the two saw a flop of 2♣J♣6♦.

Henderson checked and then called the continuation bet of 625 by Dunwoodie before both players checked the 9♦ turn. The river was the K♥ and Henderson checked for a third time to Dunwoodie who splashed the pot with a bet of 2,075. Henderson made a reluctant call and mucked when Dunwoodie opened K♦3♦ for a pair of kings. Dunwoodie is back up to 20,000.

1:55pm: Speiker straightens Lay

Thorsten Spieker has extracted a little revenge against his earlier nemesis in Tec Lay. Spieker has found a double up after the two committed their chips on a flop of 5♣8♥4♠. Lay showed K♥K♠ but Spieker had the nuts this time with his 7♣6♣. The turn was the A♣ and river the J♦ to see Spieker double up to around 7,200.

1:40pm: Level up, blinds 75-150

1:38pm: Rickwaa catches Dunwoodie

Catching the action on a flop of 7♣K♦J♦, three players checked the action to Ricky Kroesen in the cutoff who fired a bet of 1,025. Two players folded before Sean Dunwoodie quickly check-raised to 2,800. Kroesen matched the bet and the 7♠ hit the turn. Both players checked and the 2♠ bricked the river.

Dunwoodie led out with a hefty bet of 5,600 to send Kroesen into the tank.

"That's a bad turn card if you have aces," said Kroesen, before adding, "I have king-jack..."

Perhaps still feeling the pain if his one-outer from the Western Poker Classic last week, Kroesen hesitated before he quipped, "If you have jacks I guess it's a cooler. I call."

Dunwoodie opened A♦Q♦ for a Royal Flush draw that left him with nothing but ace-high as Kroesen's K♠J♣ collected a nice pot. He climbs to 30,000 in the first level, with Dunwoodie down to 13,000.

1:20pm: Adelaide qualifier off to a rocky start

SKYCITY Adelaide Casino have sent two qualifiers up to Darwin for this event with both Thorsten Spieker and Trevor Potts taking their seat in today's field. However it's been a rough start for Spieker after he just doubled up local player Tec Lay in a huge clash.

We caught the action on a monotone flop of A♥7♥Q♥ with Scott Tobias leading the betting for 600. Spieker popped it up to 1,500 with Lay flat calling on the button. Tobias let it go and the 2♠ hit the turn. Spieker bet out again for 3,600 with Lay taking a moment before making the call as the 8♦ bricked the board on the river. Spieker released a third barrel worth 5,500 before Lay plonked his entire stack into the middle. Spieker rocked back in his chair and made a crying call as Lay hesitated for affect before showing K♥6♥ for the nuts. Spieker tossed his cards into the muck to now find himself with just 3,000 in chips.

1:05pm: English has the aces

Despite the small field, and generous 20,000-chip start bank, it didn't take long for us to have our first all-in situation of the day.

It was local player Liem Nguyen all in against Tim English with the chips in preflop. Not hard to guess their holdings as Nguyen ran run his K♥K♠ smack bang in to English's A♣A♥.

The board of 9♦9♣5♣6♥4♥ brought no surprises and we thought we had our first elimination of the day as Nguyen departed the room. However when the stacks were cut down Nguyen was left with about 1,000 in change as staff raced up the hall to call him back to the room.


Our early chip leader is Tim English

12:55pm: Who's here?

We currently have five tables in action with a few late-comers possibly still to arrive. Some of the notables amongst the Day 1A field include Ricky Kroesen, Tim English, Constantin Harach, Luke Edwards and Adelaide Poker Championships Main Event winner Sean Dunwoodie.

Also in the field are the winner and runner-up from the APPT Auckland event in Brotha D and Tom Grigg. "Don't take all my chips today!" exclaimed Grigg to Brother D before play kicked off. Brotha D finds himself seated to the direct left of young gun Andy Hinrichsen.

Half of the players in today's field are local players from the Northern Territory so it will be great to uncover some new poker talents from this region this afternoon.

12:40pm: Poker arrives in Darwin

For most Australian poker professionals, Monday morning means getting out of bed at a ridiculously early hour to grind the "Sunday Majors". Yesterday we asked one young pro if he'd be grinding online or playing the opening flight of the ANZPT. He said he wasn't sure but with Darwin an additional one and a half hours behind the Eastern states of Australia, getting up at 2:30am to play the PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up was not really his preferred option.

So despite "Mondayitis", we should see several big name pros take to the felt of the SKYCITY Darwin Casino for Day 1A of the ANZPT Darwin Main Event today.

The air-conditioned comfort of the casino masks the hot and humid conditions outside today, with the plan to play just five one-hour levels before play wraps up for the day.
While the SKYCITY Darwin Poker Zone is currently running full steam ahead with cash games, we find ourselves upstairs in one of the beautiful SKYCITY Darwin ballrooms which has been converted into a fabulous space for the ANZPT tournament this week.
We have six tables setup to provide 60 entrants plus five lucky alternates, with three day ones giving the tournament a total cap of 200 runners.

As the players took their seats SKYCITY Darwin Poker Tournament Director Tony Jackson welcomed the players to Darwin and went through a few procedural items before giving the command to shuffle up and deal!


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