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ANZPT Darwin Day 1A: Levels 3 & 4 (blinds 100-200, ante 25)

4:55pm: Ten-minute break

4:50pm: Flatting and chopping the nuts

Another bizarre hand has seen Michael O'Grady and Peter Talias chopping with the nuts as Agi Agapitos was the player stuck in the middle.

We caught the action on the turn with Agapitos firing a bet of 1,000 from the big blind on a board of 5♣8♠9♦T♣. Talias called before O'Grady check-raised to 2,000 in the small blind. Both of his opponents called as the 4♠ completed the board on the river. O'Grady came out swinging with a hefty bet of 6,000. Agapitos was visibly frustrated as O'Grady verbally needled his opponent about missing a flush draw.

Agapitos defiantly plonked calling chips into the middle as an overly excited Talias also declared a call and rolled over J♦Q♥ for the nuts. O'Grady also revealed J♠Q♣ as Agapitos was left shaking his head before showing 4♣T♥.

"What are you upset about?" chirped O'Grady, "You had ten-four!"

O'Grady then turned his attention to Talias. "How do you just flat call behind on the river with the nuts? Isn't that a penalty?" laughed O'Grady as Agapitos' last 3,000 chips were spared.


Michael O'Grady enjoying himself on an entertaining table at the ANZPT Darwin

4:30pm: Top set for Talias

A rather strange and sizable pot started with Andrew Hinrichsen raising it up to 650 following a limp in front of him. Action then folded to Peter Talias on the button who announced "850" which was ruled as a minimum raise to 1,100. It was then on Michael O'Grady in the small blind who raised it up again as he made it 2,200 to go. Agi Agapitos chirped how he loved playing big pots as he cold-called from the big blind, with the limper and Hinrichsen quickly getting out of the way as Talias also called.

The flop landed 5♥7♠T♥ with O'Grady leading out for 4,500.

"What? Did you think I was going to check?" he mused to no one in particular as Agapitos moved out of the way, but Talias wasn't going anywhere as he moved all in for his last 9,425. O'Grady committed to the call and opened 7♣8♣ for middle pair, but he was in deep trouble as Talias showed T♣T♦ for top set. The turn was the 3♠ and river the 6♦ as Talias more than doubled up to close to 30,000 in chips. O'Grady slipped to 17,000.

4:15pm: Dwyer holds all the aces

We're not sure how the hand developed to get to this point, but we suspect there was a lot of checking as four players got to the river on a board of 2-A-A-9-6.

Action checked again to Clayton Dwyer in position who casually tossed out 3,000 into the middle. Tony Munnings made the call and Ricky Kroesen thought for several minutes before also making a crying call.

"I'm good right?" said Kroesen as he opened pocket queens. But his read was a little astray as Dwyer opened pocket aces for quads!

3:55pm: Level up, blinds 100-200, ante 25

3:45pm: So Long Sisalouis

The pace of play has slowed right down over the last hour as the players settle into a bit of a groove. However we have just lost one more player, after Theofilos Sisalouis met his demise. Sisalouis moved his last chips in the middle with pockets aces but his opponent had flopped two pair holding queen-jack on a flop of Q♠6♣J♣. The turn and river bricked and Sisalouis was sent to the rail to leave us with 31 players remaining in flight 1A.

3:30pm: Punishing the limpers backfires for Kroesen

With Sean Dunwoodie now removed from his table, Ricky Kroesen has opened up his game this level to attempt to pound on his table full of local SKYCITY Darwin qualifiers, however he's had some mixed results.

With three limpers in the pot, Kroesen decided to raise it to 1,050 from the small blind and received one caller in Theofilos Sisalouis. The flop landed 6♠9♥5♠ and Kroesen checked to Sisalouis who bet just 500. Kroesen called and the 4♥ hit the turn. Kroesen again check-called, this time for 1,000 before the 4♣ hit the river. Both players checked it down.

"If you have a pair, you win..." said Kroesen and Sisalouis obliged with his A♦5♦. "Nice call pre," added Kroesen as he tossed his A♥8♥ into the air before the cards flipped over onto the felt.

The very next hand Kroesen was raising over the top of two limpers once again, this time from the button to 650, with two callers to see a flop of 9♦8♠5♥. Kroesen's continuation bet of 1,125 was called by Grant Carleton before both players checked down the 6♥ flop and 6♦ river.

"Ace-high," said Kroesen as Carleton opened A♠Q♠. After studying the board for a moment or two, Kroesen tossed his ace-high into the muck as kicker problems gave the pot to his opponent.

Kroesen is still sitting comfortably with around 35,000.

3:15pm: Grigg falls to the limp re-raise

Constantin Harach limped in from middle position for 200, before Tom Grigg popped it to 700 next to speak. The table folded around to Harach who quickly announced a raise to 2,000. Grigg thought for a moment before pushing his last 6,000 or so chips only to find Harach insta-call.

"Aces?" sighed Grigg.

"Yep," nodded Harach as he tabled A♥A♠ to leave Grigg's A♦K♥ in a world of hurt. The board provided no miracles for Grigg as it bricked out 5♣9♠T♣4♦4♠ to leave him with a free week to enjoy the sights of Darwin.

Meanwhile Harach is progressing well as he's now up over 45,000 chips.


Tom Grigg is an early casualty from the ANZPT Darwin Main Event

2:55pm: Play resumes

The players are back after a slightly extended break and the cards are once again in the air. Tim English has extended his early surge to move up to around 59,000 for a clear chip lead with 33 players remaining in the Day 1A field.

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