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ANZPT Darwin Day 1A: Level 5 (blinds 150-300, ante 25)

6:10pm: That's a wrap!

After a whirlwind five levels of play, we're done on Day 1A of the ANZPT Darwin Main Event. 26 players have survived the day with young gun Andrew Hinrichsen steamrolling his way to 73,026 in chips and our Day 1A chip lead. His nearest rivals are likely to be Ricky Kroesen and Tim English who both bagged up over 50,000.

Others to survive the day include Michael O'Grady, Trevor Potts, Luke Edwards, Thorsten Spieker, Constantin Harach and APPT Auckland champ Brotha D, while the locals have also fared very well with Terry Wallis, Tec Lay and Bryan "Snake" Cantle all making it through to Day 2 action.

We'll have a complete wrap of the day's action and full of chip counts for you shortly.

5:55pm: Edwards one-outered for chip lead

With the clock stopped with fifteen minutes left on the clock, it was ruled that each table would play seven more hands before play would wrap up for the day. It was fifteen minutes that Luke Edwards would rather forget after it looked like he was about to claim a big chip lead.

The flop was Q♠8♥T♣ when Edwards had his opponent Trevor Potts all in for his tournament life. Potts showed K♠Q♥ for top pair but Edwards had him crushed with his K♥K♣. It was even worse than that for Potts as another player had folded a queen.

The turn was the 3♣ but with one out in the deck to stay alive the dealer burned and revealed the Q♣ on the river to give Potts a huge double up to 35,000. Edwards took the blow well as he'll still bag up a solid chip stack of around 45,000.


The chip lead slips through the fingers of PokerStars qualifier Luke Edwards

5:45pm: Eddy builds a boat and a big stack

PokerStars qualifier Luke Edwards has also moved up with the chip leaders after catching a fortunate river to eliminate an opponent. The chips were in on the turn on a board of J♥7♥3♥T♦ with Edwards tabling T♥T♣ for a set but his opponent held A♥6♥ for the nut flush.

The river was the 7♣ to pair the board to give Edwards a full house as he soars over 60,000 in chips.

5:35pm: Sometimes he gets real hands

Harry Manning's run has come to an end after his pocket jacks ran into Andrew Hinrichsen's pocket queens on a flop of 4♦2♠T♥. The turn was the 9♣ and the river the 7♣ to send Manning to the rail and jump Hinrichsen into the chip lead with 68,000 chips.

5:25pm: Sawyer races out the door

Brendan Sawyer is the latest casualty from the ANZPT Darwin Main Event after he moved his last 2,800 chips in preflop with 8♦8♠ to find himself racing against the K♥J♥ of Nick Ergos.

Sawyer looked set for a double up when the first four cards were spread 3♣9♦5♠2♦ but the K♦ on the river paired up Ergos and left Sawyer to head to the exit as 28 players remain in the Day 1A field.

5:17pm: Hinrichsen claims Agapitos
The short-stacked Agi Agapitos was unable to recover from the short stack as his last chips have just headed the way of Andrew Hinrichsen.

Hinrichsen re-raised preflop to isolate the short-stack holding A♣8♥ for the lead against Agapitos' K♥2♣.

With Agapitos calling for a deuce, he roared in delight at seeing the 2♦A♠3♠ flop, taking a moment to register the fact that Hinrichsen had also flopped an ace. Oops. The turn was the Q♣ and river the J♥ to see Darwin local Agapitos eliminated as Hinrichsen moved up to a comfortable 37,000 chips.


Andrew Hinrichsen in action at the ANZPT Darwin

5:10pm: Play resumes

The pace of life up here in Darwin seems to result in ten-minute breaks becoming fifteen. So after an extended break, the players are back in their seats for the final level of the day.

Despite the railbirds of Peter Talias declaring him chip leader, it is Ricky Kroesen, Tim English and Constantin Harach out in front with around 55,000 chips apiece.

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