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ANZPT Darwin Day 1B: Levels 3 & 4 (blinds 100-200, ante 25)

4:50pm: Fifteen-minute break

4:40pm: Two more bite the dust

We've just lost another two players as the speed of eliminations seems to be a little quicker than what we saw yesterday.

First to go was Daniel Heidekorn who lost a race with his A♣K♠ against the T♣T♦ of Jason Lambert. The board was spread J♦J♥7♠Q♣4♦ to leave Lambert's tens in front as Heidekorn hit the rail.

He was soon followed by one of our ANZPT Player of the Year contenders in Michael Spilkin. After battling with a short stack for some time, Spilkin moved his chips in on a flop of 3♥J♠Q♣ holding K♠Q♠ for top pair, however Anthony Flanagan held Q♦J♣ for two pair. The turn was the 2♥ and river the 6♣ to eliminate Spilkin who will improve no further on his 5th place ranking in the ANZPT POTY.

Meanwhile SKYCITY Darwin local Anthony Flanagan is now approaching 50,000 in chips.

4:20pm: Fazzino flushed

The action just doesn't stop if you're Jie Gao as he's just eliminated West Australian Sal Fazzino and claimed the chip lead.

The chips went flying when the flop was spread 7♣T♣8♠ as Fazzino tabled J♠9♠ for the nut straight, but he'd have to fade some cards as Gao opened J♣8♣ for pair, straight and flush draws.

Gao didn't have to wait long as he clapped his hands with delight when the dealer burned and turned the 4♣ to give him an unbeatable flush. The river was the T♦ and Fazzino shoved his chips in disappointment in the direction of Gao and exited the SKYCITY Casino.

Gao is now close to 50,000 in chips and well out in front!

4:15pm: Nice catch for Gao

Jie Gao opened with a raise from the cutoff before Aaron Benton put in a three-bet from the button to what appeared to be 1,250. Gao quickly called and the two players took a flop of 2♦T♠J♥.

Gao checked and Benton fired a continuation bet of 1,725. Gao made the call before both players checked the Q♦ turn. The river was the 2♥ and Gao checked again and Benton fired a bet of 2,500. Gao quickly called and Benton sheepishly revealed 6♥6♠ but he couldn't believe his eyes when Gao opened 2♠4♠ for rivered trips!

"Welcome to my world," said Tony Hachem to his new tablemate in Benton. "Not even Rodney Marsh could've caught that one!"

Gao's creativity jumps him to 28,000 as Benton cops another brutal one but he's still comfortable with 26,000.

4:00pm: The Carnevale is over

After quadrupling up his short stack, Carnevale looked set for another double up when he got his last 2,725 chips into the middle with K♣T♦ against the dominated Q♠T♣ of Jason Lambert.

However the board ran out 3♣Q♥6♥8♥A♦ to see Lambert pair his queen to leave the ANZPT Adelaide champ heading for the rail.

Carnevale is the first of the ANZPT Player of the Year contenders to be eliminated, meaning that he will not improve on his current 6th place ranking.


Rennie Carnevale has been eliminated from the ANZPT Darwin

Also recently eliminated was Aaron Golledge when his king-queen failed to improve against an opponent's ace-queen to leave us with 27 players and three tables in action.

3:55pm: Double up for Spilkin

Moments after it looked like Michael Spilkin's tournament was lost, he's just found a double up and again Mathew Brown was on the unfortunate end of things.

Spilkin's last chips went in on a flop of T♥6♥9♦ but he was feeling pretty comfortable with his 7♥8♥ for a flopped straight with flush draw. Brown opened T♣8♠ and would need some help of his own this time, but it wasn't to be on the 5♠ turn and K♣ river. Spilkin doubles to around 6,000.

3:50pm: Level up, blinds 100-200, ante 25

3:40pm: Spilkin survives

Michael Spilkin was down to his last few thousand chips and was already grabbing his belongings in preparation of his exit when he ran his A♠Q♠ into the K♠K♣ of Mathew Brown. All looked lost for Spilkin when the flop landed 3♥K♥7♥ to give Brown a set and leave Spilkin drawing to a running straight or flush to chop.

Incredibly the turn was the 5♥ and river the Q♥ to put a flush on board and leave both players to chop it up as Spilkin stays alive!

3:35pm: Rennie's boat sunk by Laidlaw's quads!

Rennie Carnevale has just been crippled as the hands of ANZPT Melbourne final tablist Daniel Laidlaw in a true cooler of a hand.

Catching the action on a flop of 5♠5♥3♣, Carnevale bet 1,100 from the hijack position with Laidlaw calling in the cutoff with the small blind coming along to see the 2♥ hit the turn. It looked innocent enough but what a turn card that would out to be.

Carnevale bet out for 3,000 with Laidlaw again flat calling as the small blind got out of the way before the T♣ completed the board. Carnevale released a hefty bet of 8,000 but Laidlaw didn't waste any time in moving all in for a few thousand more. Carnevale called and tabled 2♦2♣ for a full house but it wasn't enough as Laidlaw showed 5♦5♣ for quads!

Laidlaw doubled to 33,000 to leave Carnevale down to just 550 in chips.

3:20pm: King hit by Sabo

It looked like the day of Bob Sabo was about to come to an end after he ran his K♠K♦ into the A♥A♦ of Aaron Golledge in a blind versus blind battle.

Sabo was already standing up and walking away from the table when the first four community cards were spread 7♣J♦Q♦5♠ but he had to take his seat again when the K♣ hit the river for a spectacular double up.

Sabo doubled to about 16,500 to leave Golledge shaking his head with only around 5,500 chips behind.

3:10pm: Neilson jumps to the lead

With a limp in front of him, Daniel Neilson casually popped it up to 800 while perusing the structures for tonight's ANZPT Darwin side event. Action folded to George Manolas who re-raised to 1,600 and the table folded back to Neilson who made the call.

The flop landed 4♠K♦8♥ and Neilson checked to Manolas who fired 2,000. Neilson put in a check-raise, making it 4,950 but Manolas quickly called.

The turn was the T♥ and Neilson paused for a moment before tossing out a single 5,000-denomination chip. Manolas matched it and the Q♠ completed the board on the river. Neilson quickly declared himself all in to send Manolas into the tank with a decision for his last 11,000. He eventually let it go as Neilson raked in the healthy pot to move up to 40,000 and the chip lead.


Winner are grinners! Daniel Neilson continues to dominate

2:50pm: Play resumes

The players are back in action following the break with the blinds now up to 100-200. We've had two eliminations and one no show from a Spanish qualifier, to leave us with 28 players remaining in the Day 1b flight. Our chip leaders are Mathew Brown, Mark Chin and Josh Barrett.

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