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ANZPT Darwin Day 1B: Level 5 (blinds 150-300, ante 25)

6:05pm: Day 1b is in the books

That's a wrap from Day 1b of the ANZPT Darwin Main Event. It looks like the UK's Anthony Flanagan will bag up the largest stack of the day with around 74,000, ahead of Clint Dixon (66,000) and Daniel Laidlaw (52,000) as 22 players have navigated safely through to Day 2.

Also through to Day 2 are Team PokerStars Pro Tony Hachem who surged late in the day to bag up close to 40,000 while PokerStars sponsored Aaron Benton is also safely through with 33,000.

Daniel Neilson, Matthew Pearson and ANZPT Melbourne champ Martin Kozlov have all made it through the day but will have their work cut out for them on Day 2 as they will return with short stacks.

We'll have a complete wrap of the day's play and full list of chip counts for you shortly.


Our likely Day 1b chip leader is SKYCITY Darwin qualifier Anthony Flanagan

5:50pm: Dixon roars

Clint Dixon was all in for his tournament life a few minutes ago, but he's now our chip leader after a one-two knockout blow to Jason Lambert.

We're uncertain of the action but the result was clear as Dixon tabled a set of deuces which was too good for Lambert's ace-jack on a board of A♥Q♥6♥2♠3♠.

Dixon won his way into this event through a SKYCITY Darwin Casino satellite and now looks good to turn that satellite win into a deep run in the Main Event as he holds 66,000 for one of the largest stacks in the room with six more hands left to be played on each table before we call it a day.


Clint Dixon commanding a big stack

5:35pm: Hachem finds some voice

We haven't mentioned Tony Hachem too much today, but it's been a rough day for the Team PokerStars Pro as his stack has slowly dwindled throughout the day.

However he's just found a much needed double up through ANZPT Melbourne champ Martin Kozlov. The chips went in on a flop of K♦T♥A♦ with Hachem holding T♠T♦ and Kozlov drawing to a flush with 7♦6♦.

The turn was the 5♣ and the river the 4♥ to give Hachem a double up to 25,000 and leave Kozlov with just 7,000.


Tony Hachem looking for back-to-back ANZPT Player of the Year titles

5:28pm: Laidlaw doubles through Neilson

In a battle of the Daniels, it was Laidlaw versus Neilson in a huge preflop clash for a 50,000-chip pot. Laidlaw had the overcards with his A♠K♥ as Neilson tabled the pair with his T♣T♠.

The board smacked Laidlaw hard as it ran out 2♠K♦K♠8♥9♥ to give him trip kings and a huge double up to leave Neilson back on 14,000 chips.


Daniel Laidlaw well on his way to another ANZPT final table

5:20pm: Dixon doubles

Clint Dixon has found a healthy double up after he was all in preflop for his last 16,000 chips with A♣Q♥ against the J♣J♠ of Jason Lambert.

The board ran out 8♦3♣Q♦6♣4♣ to pair up Dixon's queen for a double up to around 33,000.

Meanwhile it looks like it's a case of easy come, easy go for Jie Gao, as his high-variance plays have seen him slip back to the pack with Aaron Benton picking up some of those chips as he moves up to 45,000.

5:05pm: Play resumes

The 23 remaining players are back in action with our current chip leaders being Anthony Flanagan, Jie Gao and Daniel Neilson.

This will be the last level of the day before we bag and tag.

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