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ANZPT Darwin Day 2: Level 10 (blinds 600-1200, ante 100)

5:50pm: That's a wrap

It was a crazy end to the day but we've reached the end to Day 2 of play here at the ANZPT Darwin Main Event. 32 players will return tomorrow to battle it down to the final table.

Our chip leader is Byron Henderson who ended the day on 143,800, just ahead of Mark Chin who bagged up 139,400. Tim English and Jie Gao also finished above 100,000. Chris Levick, Aaron Benton, Billy Argyros and Tony Hachem are also safely through.


ANZPT Darwin chip leader Byron Henderson

We'll have a complete wrap of the day's action and full list of chip counts for you shortly.

5:45pm: That was a crazy game of poker...

It's been a frantic last few minutes to the day as a series of eliminations, one triple up, and one rather heated argument has brought day two to a stunning close.

We lost Peter Talias and Philippe Bitar, before Joel Feldman found a massive triple up. With two limpers Feldman moved all in for 25,100 and was cold-called by Clint Dixon. Aaron Benton also made the call as Tony Kanochkin folded ace-jack.

With action on the side the two live players checked down a board of Q♦K♥3♣T♦A♦. Dixon showed pocket nines, Benton mucked but Feldman had A♣J♥ for the nut straight for a big triple up.

At the same time a hand was going down on a nearby table involving Brotha D and Tony Hachem. Brotha D had opened to 3,500 from under the gun before Hachem popped it to 9,000. Table folded back to Brotha D who made it 25,000.

Hachem went deep into the tank before asking, "Have you got better than kings?"

Brotha D responded, "I can beat kings".

This comment caused Hachem to open-fold his own pocket kings. Brotha D then showed he was telling the truth as he flashed pocket aces.

This caused an uproar on the table as Ben Savage, Chris Levick and others were annoyed that Brotha D allowed Hachem to survive in the tournament by telling him that he held aces. While Brotha D didn't directly say that he held aces, telling your opponent what you have is against the tournament rules.

"He goes broke there if you don't tell him, which might cost me money!" exclaimed an irate Savage. While everyone agreed that Hachem had done nothing wrong by asking a probing question, the tournament directors agreed with Savage's comments and Brotha D received a verbal warning.

Just to cap it all off, a few moments later Hachem raised and short-stacked Daniel Jelich shoved all in with pocket kings, only for Hachem to call and turn over the pocket aces.

The board ran out A♠6♠4♣8♦5♣ and Jelich was eliminated as the 33rd place finisher to bring the day's play to an end as Hachem ended the day on a high note with 66,100 in chips.

5:30pm: Elimination my dear Watson

Billy "The Croc" Argyros raised to 3,000 before Guy Watson moved all in for his last 11,900. Argyros thought for a moment or two before making the call.

Watson opened A♣Q♠ for the best hand against Argyros' A♦9♦ but the board ran out J♥2♦K♦5♦3♣ to give Crocky a flush and eliminate Watson from the tournament. Argyros is back up to 35,000.


We're in croc country...

5:22pm: Ladies no help to Crocky

Billy "The Croc" Argyros is down to his last 20,000 chips after Nick Ergos just collected a nice pot without showdown. The board read 6♣2♥6♥A♥ when Ergos fired 9,000 into the middle. Argyros made the call and the river was the K♠. Ergos moved all in and Argyros flashed the Q♥Q♣ and folded as Ergos showed J♥8♥ for the flush to move up to 100,000.

5:14pm: Tec's mistimed bluff

SKYCITY Darwin satellite winner Tec Lay has bluffed his way out the door to reduce our field to the final four tables. The board read T♣K♦9♦5♥2♥ when Lay moved all in for roughly around 13,000 but his bluff with J♣7♠ was picked off by Ben Savage who tabled K♠Q♣.

5:10pm: Brown out

Shortly following the recommencement of play, Mathew Brown lost his battle with his short stack to reduce our field to the final 37 players.

It was a battle of the blinds with Brown all in with J♠9♥ and Brotha D making the call with A♣K♥. The dealer spread the board of 3♣T♣A♦6♣3♠ to eliminate Brown as Brotha D moves up to 65,000 chips.

5:05pm: Play resumes

The 38 remaining players are back and the cards are in the air for the final level of the day. We'll be stopping at the end of this level, or once we reach 32 players, whichever comes first.

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