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ANZPT Darwin Day 2: Levels 6 & 7 (blinds 300-600, ante 50)

2:35pm: Fifteen-minute break

2:30pm: Kroesen crashes

Ricky Kroesen is another young gun to crash and burn this afternoon as things start to heat up in Darwin.

Earlier in the day Kroesen mention to us that he'd accidentally folded the winning hand at showdown, and from that point a rattled Kroesen was unable to recover. We caught him pushing his final 18,000 chips into the middle on a flop of 2♠T♠4♥ against Clint Dixon.

Kroesen showed 4♣5♣ for middle pair and wasn't happy to see Dixon had called with Q♥T♦ for top pair. Kroesen didn't even hang around to watch and was well out of the room when the A♠ turn and 8♦ river completed the board to end his tournament.

Dixon is now up to 66,000 as the remaining 55 players take their first break of the day.


Ricky Kroesen is out of the ANZPT Darwin Main Event

2:22pm: River king for Holloway

We didn't catch the action but arrived following the roars from table one with the board reading Q♣7♠Q♥2♥K♥. It looks like the chips were in on the flop with Serge Mazza flopping a full house with 7♦7♣ before moving into a state of shock at being run down by Stephen Holloway's K♠Q♠ who made a bigger full house on the river.

Mazza is back down to 25,000 with Holloway doubling up to 35,000.

2:15pm: No more Anunu

Mishel Anunu is another short stack who has lost his battle. Anunu's final stand was with his last 4,200 chips holding A♣Q♥ but Christian Meza tabled Q♦Q♠ which held on the board of 5♠K♣T♠7♥4♦.

2:10pm: Rotar on the rail

The short-stacked Sam Rotar was all-but-all-in preflop against Byron Henderson, with Rotar's last 400 chips splashed into the pot on the flop of A♠3♠K♠.

Neither player was thrilled with the flop but Rotar's 9♦9♣ was well behind the Q♥Q♠ of Henderson. The turn was the 8♥ and river the 5♥ to leave Rotar heading to the exit as Henderson moves up to 70,000.

2:00pm: Anunu stays alive

Mishel Anunu was all in preflop for his last 6,300 chips with A♥K♠ to be racing against John Maklouf's J♦J♥. The board ran out A♦8♥T♠5♣T♥ to give Anunu the double up to stay alive.

1:55pm: Maklouf motoring

John Maklouf is flexing his muscles as the ANZPT Player of the Year points leader is showing no signs of nerves with huge added-value prizes on the line.

Maklouf now commands a stack of around 75,000 after applying the maximum pressure on Day 1b chip leader Anthony Flanagan.

Catching the action on the turn, Maklouf check-called for 9,000 before moving all in on the river on a board of J♦2♥6♦4♥3♣. Flanagan gave it up and Maklouf raked in the massive pot.

1:49pm: Neilson survives

Dan Neilson has been hanging on with his short stack today as he just found a fortunate chop against Constantin Harach. Neilson held A♥9♦ and was all in preflop against Harach's dominant A♦T♠ but the 5♦J♠K♥K♣5♣ board gave Neilson a chop to stay alive.

1:42pm: Hinrichsen falls

The fall from grace of overnight chip leader Andrew Hinrichsen has ended with his recent elimination from the tournament.

Hinrichsen's chips were all in preflop, we assume from a three-bet shove from the blinds over the opening late-position raise of Mathew Brown. Hinrichsen opened A♣8♣ against Brown's T♣T♠.

The flop of 5♦Q♣6♣ gave Hinrichsen a flush draw but the 4♠ turn and 9♠ river bricked out to end a disappointing day for the PokerStars qualifier.

1:35pm: Level up, blinds 300-600, ante 50

1:30pm: Two more hit the rail

Two more players have hit the rail in quick succession. First to go was Andreas Papageorgiou who moved all in with a flush draw holding J♠T♠ on a flop of 5♠4♠5♣. He found himself up against Tony Kanochkin who held Q♥Q♠ and it was all over when the Q♦ hit the turn. Kanochkin's unbeatable full house sent Papageorgiou to the exit.

He was followed by Danny Silk who had just recently doubled up. However his luck ran out when his A♣A♦ were cracked by Guy Watson's T♦T♠ when the board ran out T♥7♥5♦Q♣Q♥. 64 players remain.

1:25pm: A silky double up

Danny Silk has found a much needed double up through Sam Rotar. It was Silk's 9♣9♠ up against Rotar's 8♥8♠ with all the chips in preflop. The board ran out 6♣A♠J♥Q♠2♣ to give Silk a double up to 19,000 and leave Rotar on 10,000.

1:20pm: King-high good enough for Neilson

Dan Neilson doesn't have many chips left, but he know how to use them. Such as calling down Mishel Anunu with king-high!

Neilson raised the button to 900 and Anunu defended his big blind to see a flop of A♥J♥7♠. Anunu check-called for 1,000 before the A♣ hit the turn. Both players checked and Anunu decided to take a stab with a bet of 2,200 on the 4♣ river.

Neilson looked him up with just K♣5♠ and it was good as Anunu mucked. Neilson is back up to 15,000.

1:14pm: Set over set and we have a new chip leader!

The biggest pot of the tournament has just gone down on table seven to severely cripple our overnight chip leader Andrew Hinrichsen and catapult Mark Chin into the chip lead.

The chips were all in on the turn with the board reading 8♦2♠J♥2♦. Hinrichsen flipped over 8♣8♥ but was in shock to see Chin hold J♦J♠ for a bigger full house! Hinrichsen was left with just one out but it wasn't to be on the Q♠ river.

Hinrichsen's empire is crushed as he slips to 13,000 with Chin now up to 100,000.


Our new chip leader is Mark Chin

1:04pm: Benton busts Barrett

Aaron Benton has carried his good form from the SKYCITY Darwin Casino pokies last night onto the poker felt here today as he's just eliminated PokerStars qualifier Josh Barrett.

It was Benton's A♥K♣ up against Barrett who pushed all in for his last 9,125 with J♣J♦.
The flop of 8♥7♥2♥ was good for Benton but the K♠ turn and K♦ were even better. Benton took down the pot with trips kings to send Barrett to the rail. Benton is up to 38,000.


Aaron Benton - running good in life

12:55pm: Maklouf gets in a muddle

Clayton Dwyer opened with a raise to 1,000 but John Maklouf didn't see it as he tossed out 1,000 while verbalizing "raise". He was then forced to raise and decided to add another 2,000 to the bet. Action folded back to Dwyer who made the call.

The flop landed A♠4♠9♣ and Dwyer led out for 3,000. Maklouf called before both players checked the 2♠ turn. On the 2♣ river Dwyer led out again with another 3,000 to give Maklouf a little to think about but he decided to make the call.

Dwyer opened J♦J♥ as Maklouf gave a wry smile before opening J♣J♠ for the same hand. Chop it up fellas!

12:45pm: Kroesen makes big call

Scott Van Loon opened the action with a raise to 1,000 from under the gun before Ricky Kroesen popped it up to 3,500 next to speak. The table folded back around to Van Loon who paused for effect before making the call.

The flop landed K♥8♥3♦ and both players checked to see the 7♣ hit the turn. Van Loon checked again and Kroesen splashed 3,000 into the middle. Van Loon made the call before the T♦ completed the board on the river.

Van Loot led out for 7,000 and Kroesen wasn't happy.

"I put you on jacks or tens," sighed Kroesen but he eventually tossed out calling chips.

"Good call," replied Van Loon as he opened A♠Q♦. Kroesen showed A♦K♠ for top pair to take it down and move up to 72,000 chips.

12:35pm: Action heats up in Darwin for Day 2

Like a Commonwealth Games swimmer navigating their way through the heats, our field has progressed, mostly unscathed, through to the semi-final stage. For some, the heats were merely a formality as they went through the motions and cruised into day two. However a few others stumbled out of the blocks and will be heading home earlier than expected.

The 72 players have redrawn and will be spread over eight tables at the start of play today with the goal to survive another five levels and reach the final 36 players.

Leading the way is PokerStars qualifier Andrew Hinrichsen who flew out of the gates on Day 1A to amass a stack of 73,025. Ricky Kroesen, Daniel Laidlaw, Tim English, Billy Argyros and Luke Edwards are also in good shape while the ANZPT Player of the Year race will most certainly take shape today with John Maklouf, Andrew Scarf, Aaron Benton and Team PokerStars Pro Tony Hachem all looking to reach the money and those vital points.

It should be an exciting day ahead of us. SKYCITY Darwin Poker Tournament Director Tony Jackson has given instructions to the dealers to "Shuffle up and deal!" as we're now underway on Day 2 of the ANZPT Darwin Main Event!


The beautiful SKYCITY Casino in Darwin, Northern Territory

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