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ANZPT Darwin Day 2: Levels 8 & 9 (blinds 500-1000, ante 100)

4:50pm: Fifteen-minute break

4:35pm: Edelstein doubles through English

Morry Edelstein has found a double through our chip leader Tim English. Edelstein moved his last 16,200 in preflop with A♥T♦ as English made the call holding J♣J♦.

The board landed 4♦4♠3♣A♦Q♦ to pair up Edelstein's ace for a double up to about 33,000. It was merely a flesh would for English who sits with around 145,000.


Tim English takes a hit but is still our chip leader

4:25pm: Portaro clips Brotha D

Catching the action on a flop of 3♥K♥7♠, Bruno Portaro checked the action to the preflop aggressor in Brotha D who made a bet of 7,000. Portaro check-raised to 17,000 and Brotha D made the call.

The turn was the T♥ and Portaro led out for 16,000 with Brotha D making the call as the 8♦ completed the board on the river. Portaro whacked the table to check it to Brotha D who bet another 16,000. Portaro quickly called and Brotha D shook his head as he opened 9♥9♠. Portaro showed 7♥[6h for a flush to collect the monster pot.

Brotha D slips to 35,000 with Portaro now with the chip leaders on 125,000.

4:18pm: Neilson's rare taste of elimination

Action folded around to Daniel Neilson on the button who moved his short stack in the middle but Luke Edwards made the call with pocket jacks as Neilson would need some help with his 5♦6♥.

The board ran out 2♠K♦Q♠K♠Q♦ to leave Neilson with his first taste of elimination for quite some time as Edwards pads his own stack.

4:15pm: Boxell busto

Leo Boxell has had a great year but he won't be adding a cash here in Darwin after he was eliminated from the tournament. Boxell was first crippled when his pocket kings fell to an opponent's ace-four when the board ran out 5♥Q♦4♣4♥J♣.

Boxell was down to small change when he moved in with 5♦9♣ but was dominated by his opponent's A♠9♠ as the board bricked out.

4:10pm: Neilson takes a hit

Tony "Mr. 100" Kanochkin is living life on the edge as he's just doubled up twice to stay alive. In the most recent clash, the flop read 5♣3♣A♠ when Kanochkin moved all in with A♥J♠ and was called by Daniel Neilson's A♣8♣ for pair and flush draw.

The turn 4♥ and river Q♠ bricked the board to double Kanochkin to 28,000. Neilson is back to 15,000.

4:00pm: Andrews out

The action is fast and furious at the moment as we're down to our final 42 players. The most recent casualty was Danny Andrews who moved his last 7,175 in preflop and found two callers in Nick Ergos and Roy Wan.

The flop landed 2♦9♥Q♥ and Wan checked to Ergos who moved all in to force Wan to fold his pocket tens. Ergos showed K♠Q♠ for top pair to have Andrews' pocket sevens in trouble.

The turn was the 6♣ and river the 5♥ and Andrews was eliminated as Ergos collects the nice pot.

3:50pm: Level up, blinds 500-1000, ante 100

3:45pm: O'Grady cracked

PokerStars qualifier Michael O'Grady has crashed out of the tournament as his A♦A♣ were cracked by the Q♥Q♣ of Darwin local Terry Wallis. The board landed 5♥Q♦4♣7♥2♠ with a lady on board to give Wallis the pot and give O'Grady nothing but a headache.

3:40pm: Brotha D on fire

Following a raise in front of him, Matthew Spratt moved all in for his last 16,050 preflop with A♦Q♦ but Brotha D made the call in the small blind with pocket fives as the original raiser stepped aside.

The board ran out 6♥2♣3♦K♥8♠ and the pair of Brotha D hold up as Spratt hits the rail. Brotha D is in hot form at the moment with his win in the APPT Auckland event last month and a win in one of the side events here in Darwin this week. He's looking good for another deep run as he now sits behind 65,000 chips.


Brotha D in action at the ANZPT Darwin

3:30pm: Benton busts Serge

Fresh off the news that he is now a good chance to win the ANZPT Player of the Year title, Aaron Benton has just eliminated Serge Mazza to increase his stack nicely.

Benton opened with a raise and then called the all in shove of Mazza. Benton held A♠Q♣ and was in a dominant position against Mazza's A♣J♠ and it stayed that way on the J♦Q♦3♥7♦5♦ board.

Benton is now up to 80,000.

3:15pm: Scarf and Maklouf both eliminated!

In a frantic and rather dramatic couple of moments we've just lost both ANZPT Player of the Year points leaders in John Maklouf and Andrew Scarf.

First to go was Maklouf in a massive cooler as his Q♦Q♥ ran into Anthony Flanagan's K♠K♥ in a preflop clash worth over 120,000 chips.

The board was spread 6♥2♠2♦2♣7♣ and Flanagan just had Maklouf covered to eliminate him from the tournament.

As Maklouf's chips were still being counted down, Andrew Scarf was all in on the table next door. Scarf held 8♣8♦ to be racing against Peter Talias' K♦Q♠.

The board landed Q♣9♥J♥Q♥7♣ to see Talias make trip queens and eliminate Scarf from the tournament, just moments after Maklouf's elimination.

This opens the door wide open for Team PokerStars Pro Tony Hachem who now needs to finish 8th or better to be guaranteed to capture back-to-back ANZPT POTY titles. Aaron Benton is also now well in contention also but he'll need to finish higher than Hachem to be a chance of winning the title.

3:10pm: Pearson perishes

Matthew Pearson started today with just over 7,000 in chips and was battling valiantly to stay alive but his run has just come to an end at the hands of giant-killing Mark Chin.
Pearson's last chips were all in preflop with A♣J♠ but he ran into the A♦K♦ of Chin with the board running out Q♠5♥7♣A♠6♠ to see Pearson eliminated.

3:05pm: Levick finds some justice

2009 ANZPT Melbourne champ Chris Levick has just found a double up but he had to do it the hard way against Brad Bower.

It was a battle of the blinds with Levick raising and then calling when Bower shoved from the big blind. Levick held Q♣Q♦ and was in good shape to double as Bower opened J♣T♣.

The flop of A♣T♥7♦ gave Bower some hope as he paired up, but it got even better as the J♥ hit the turn to give him two pair and the lead.

"You've got to be joking!" exclaimed Levick as he was one card away from elimination.

However the A♦ fell on the river to give Levick a larger two pair, aces and queens, for the double up.

"Justice!" said Levick as he moved up to 45,000 to leave Bower with just 4,000 in chips.

Bower moved them in a few hands later with ace-queen but ran into the ace-king of Constantin Harach to see his tournament come to a sudden halt.

Chris Levick stays alive in the ANZPT Darwin

3:00pm: Snake sunk

Bryan "Snake" Cantle moved his last 3,225 in preflop with A♣9♣ but ran into the A♥K♦ of Christian Meza. The board ran out 6♣Q♦T♠2♥8♦ to leave the popular local heading to the rail.

2:55pm: Hayes dominated and eliminated

Anthony Flanagan opened to 1,800 from under the gun before Anthony Hayes moved all in for around 12,000. Flanagan made the call with A♥K♠ and was in a dominant position against Hayes' A♦Q♥.

The dealer spread the board of A♣J♣T♣2♦3♥ to leave Hayes with kicker problems as he was eliminated from the tournament as we're now down to our final six tables.

2:50pm: Play resumes

The players are now back following their break with 55 still in contention for the ANZPT Darwin title. Our chip leader is Mark Chin who has run away to a massive 128,000 with Tim English next best on 90,000.

Our top four in the ANZPT Player of the Year race are all still alive, with John Maklouf and Aaron Benton chipping up today, while Tony Hachem and Andrew Scarf have held their ground.


Andrew Scarf, Tony Hachem, John Maklouf and Aaron Benton

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