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ANZPT Darwin Day 4: Level 23 (blinds 12000-24000, ante 3000)

10:28pm: Luke Edwards eliminated in 2nd place; Brotha D Wins ANZPT Darwin!

After Brotha D had three-bet preflop a few hands earlier, Luke Edwards decided this time to make a stand. Edwards opened to 60,000 on the button and Brotha D again popped it to 160,000. Rather than folding this time, Edwards decided to move all in. It was an additional 530,000 and Brotha D didn't take too long to make the call.

Edwards: K♥Q♠
Brotha D: A♦7♦

The window card was ugly for Edwards as the flop landed A♥J♥5♣ to give Brotha D a pair of aces, leaving Edwards to a gutshot ten or runners to stay alive. The 3♣ turn didn't help and Edwards was left with only four outs. It wasn't to be, as the 4♥ completed the board to end his courageous run in 2nd place for a pay day of $37,000.


ANZPT Darwin Main Event runner-up Luke Edwards

That leaves Brotha D as our ANZPT Darwin champion. He becomes the first Kiwi to win an ANZPT title and creates history as the first to win both APPT and ANZPT titles. Even more incredibly is that he's achieved this feat within a matter of weeks.

A huge congratulations to Brotha D who takes home the trophy, a massive novelty cheque and $57,000 in prize money.

We'll be back with a complete wrap of the day's action for you shortly.


Brotha D wins ANZPT Darwin Main Event!

10:15pm: Game on!

Luke Edwards is back following a big double up in a preflop clash with Brotha D. Edwards raised to 60,000 from the button before Brotha D popped it up to 160,000. Edwards moved all in for an additional 285,000 and Brotha D made the call.

Edwards: 9♦9♥
Brotha D: A♥2♠

The board brought a sweat but ultimately was safe for Edwards as it arrived 2♦6♠3♠5♥7♦. Edwards doubled up to 800,000 and it's game on once again!

10:02pm: Brotha D rivers a chop

Luke Edwards raised the button to 60,000 and Brotha D defended his big blind with a call. The flop landed 4♥Q♦4♦ and both players checked. The turn was the 8♦ and Brotha D led out for 90,000. Edwards moved all in over the top for another 332,000 and Brotha D made the call.

Edwards: K♦8♠
Brotha D: 7♦8♣

Both tabled a pair and flush draw but Brotha D was in bad shape as he was behind on both counts. However the river brought the 4♣ to give both players fours full of eights and they chop it up!

9:55pm: Edwards straightens up

Luke Edwards limped in from the button and Brotha D checked his option in the big blind to see a flop of 7♥3♣Q♥. Brotha D check-called for 30,000 and the turn brought the 6♠. Again Brotha D check-called, this time for 60,000 as the 2♥ hit the river and Brotha D decided to lead out with a bet of 125,000.

"Really?" questioned Edwards as he slid out calling chips.

"You got it," replied Brotha D as Edwards revealed 5♣4♥ for the straight. Just what he needed to chip back up to 680,000.

9:50pm: Play resumes

The players have returned and the cards are back in the air with the blinds up to 12000-24000 with a 3000 chip ante.

Brotha D holds a comfortable lead with 1.46 million to Luke Edwards' 460,000.


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