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ANZPT Gold Coast Day 2: Level 15 (blinds 2,000-4,000, ante 400)

7:00pm Saving the best until last

On the second last hand of the day, we witnessed the biggest pot of the tournament as Hong Kong's Nick Wong landed a river of dreams to end the day as our chip leader.

The action went down on a flop of T♠J♦Q♣. Wong fired out a full-pot bet of 50,000 before Nuno Da Silva moved all in for his last 117,500. Wong made the call and opened king-queen for top pair and open-ended straight draw, but he'd need to improve as Da Silva showed Q♥T♥ for two pair. The turn bricked the 6♥ but the river was the K♦ as Wong screamed with delight at taking down the enormous pot.

Da Silva is eliminated as Wong is up to 377,000 chips and the chip lead.

The action didn't stop on the final hand on this table.

ANZPT Sydney champ Angelo Hamataj has been unusually quiet today, but he saved his best for last, as he found a double up on the very last hand to stay alive and reach Day 3 of play. In a battle of the blinds, Hamataj held 9♠9♦ against Dominic Coombe's 4♦4♠ with all the chips in preflop. The board was spread A♥Q♣7♦J♣7♥ and Hamataj doubles to 153,000 for the high point of his day. Coombe will end the day with 105,000.

That wraps up our day here at the Jupiters Poker Room. It looks like we'll have 41 players left, which means Danny McDonagh will be buying the drinks tonight, although nothing new there. We'll have a full wrap of the day's play and complete list of chips counts for you shortly.

6:45pm: Five more hands

Maurie "The Master" Pears was given the honour of drawing a card to see how many more hands we would play today and the magic number was five.

Interestingly, if Pears can reach the money he'll become the oldest player to ever cash in an ANZPT event. That record is currently held by Antonis "Toothpick Tony" Kambouroglou. Pears is on the short stack with around 40,000.

6:32pm: Dropping like flies

Adam Smith has fallen short of the money after pushing his short stack with A♠Q♥, only to run into the K♥K♣ of Sheldon. The board bricked out 2♥2♣6♥8♣7♥ to eliminate Smith as Sheldon climbs to 175,000.

Joel Dodds has also sent one to the rail as his A♦Q♦ held against the A♠T♦ of his opponent. The board bricked out 6♦K♣9♦K♥8♦ and Dodds is back up to 211,000.

6:20pm: Last woman standing eliminated

We've lost our last woman standing as Rhonda Whitford has been eliminated. She moved all in with ace-king against the pocket jacks of Nauv Kashyap. Whitford flopped an ace but Kashyap hit a jack for a set to send Whitford to the rail. Kashyap holds 210,000 chips to be with the chip leaders.

Our other big stacks in the room are Darko Balaban (260,000), Aaron Benton (220,000), Nick Wong (200,000) and Dominic Coombe (190,000).


Dominic Coombe is amongst the chip leaders at the ANZPT Gold Coast

6:06pm: Double Xu

Qi Xu has found a handy double through Joel "StrongPlay" Dodds. It was Xu's Q♣Q♠ up against Dodds' A♣K♥ with the board bricking out 6♦T♣7♣4♦7♦. Xu doubles to 120,000 with Dodds back to 113,000.

6:00pm: Last level of the day

The players are back for the last level of play. The line has been set at 40 players remaining by the end of the day, and usually the smart money is behind ANZPT Commissioner Danny McDonagh who has taken the unders on this occasion.

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