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ANZPT Gold Coast Day 3: Levels 20 & 21 (blinds 8,000-16,000, ante 2,000)

5:55pm: Break

5:53pm: Dodds is back

Joel Dodds was having a pretty good day, after getting himself into the chip lead, but things went awry and he slowly slid into the pack. Well, Dodds is now back on track after grabbing a double up to get himself back into contention.

Dodds held A♠9♣ against the K♣Q♣ of Nauv Kashyap on a board reading A♥A♦Q♦2♣J♥. Dodds is back up to 450,000.

5:48pm: Wilson's turn to double

Easy come, easy go for Ricky Kroesen. Brad Wilson moved all in from under the gun with A♠Q♥ and Kroesen made the call, only to find himself dominated with his A♣J♦.

The board was spread A♦5♣7♥7♣3♠ to give Wilson the double up to 545,000.

5:38pm: Kroesen kicks Davey

Ricky Kroesen has made a remarkable comeback to now command a stack of 940,000 following the recent elimination of James Davey. It was Kroesen's A♣K♥ up against the A♦Q♣ of Davey. The board ran out 9♦5♥5♦3♣7♠ and Kroesen's kicker gave him the pot to eliminate Davey in 12th place for a collect of $10,760.

5:20pm: Coombe triple barrels to a big stack

At this stage of the tournament, it's often those with nerves of steel that rise to the top. Dominic Coombe just proved why he is considered one of the finest online players in the country after firing an impressive triple barrel against Adam Cameron.
Coombe fired bets on the flop and turn before moving all in on the river on a board of J♠J♣2♦6♥A♦. Cameron had check-called two streets, before it was 340,000 more for Cameron to call on the river.

After several minutes in the tank, Coombe's request to call the clock was ignored and Cameron eventually gave it up as Coombe flashed Q♣9♣ for complete air! He's now up to 650,000.

5:05pm: O'Rourke's rocky road

It's been a wild couple of minutes for Liam O'Rourke. First he doubled up the short-stacked Ricky Kroesen before finding a double up of his own.

When action folded to Kroesen in the small blind, he open-shoved with K♥T♦ with O'Rourke making the call in the big blind with A♥7♣. The board of T♠3♣6♥2♥3♥ hit Kroesen as he paired his ten to double to 450,000.

O'Rourke was back on the short stack and he moved it all in with A♣J♣ to be up against Brad Wilson's pocket kings. This time O'Rourke found his ace on the 4♦8♥A♥Q♣2♣ board to double back to 330,000.

4:55pm: Blinds up: 8,000-16,000 with 2,000 ante

4:45pm: We're looking at you shorty

It looks like we've hit the wall. Not surprising, as it's been rather frantic for most of the day today. With 12 players left, no one wants to miss out on that final table, so it looks like they've dug their heels in to grind it out.

The blinds are about to go up so the pressure will be on our short stacks. Day one chip leader Darko Balaban has been pretty quiet today and is our short stack with around 150,000. He's under the most pressure, while Ricky Kroesen, Adam Cameron, Brad Wilson and Michael Spilkin are the other short stacks.

4:20pm: Cameron sends McKinnon to the rail

It's been a good couple of minutes for Adam Cameron. First he found a double up with his A♥J♥ up against Dodds'6♣6♠. Cameron improved on the A♠7♠8♥2♠K♥ board, pairing his ace to double to around 300,000.

A few minutes later, Duncan McKinnon open-shoved for 135,000 from under the gun with Cameron making the call in the small blind with pocket tens. McKinnon showed pocket nines but he couldn't find a two-outer as the board ran out 2♣2♦A♦T♠2♠. 12 players remain.

4:11pm: Oh, what a flop!

Nauv Kashyap has been a card rack. He found pocket aces to bust Maurie Pears, and then pocket kings to end the run of Angelo Hamataj. He just picked up his third big pocket pair in the last hour, and looked like he was going to end the run of Liam O'Rourke.

O'Rourke opened with a raise to 198,000 from early position, leaving himself just 1,000 behind. Play folded around to Kashyap who moved all in from the small blind with O'Rourke calling.

Kashyap again found pocket aces as O'Rourke would need help with his K♠J♠. And the flop of 4♠A♠2♠ delivered exactly! O'Rourke flopped the nut flush but would need to fade a pair on board. The turn was the 9♠ and river the Q♥ and O'Rourke pulls a double up to jump over 400,000 with Kashyap taking a hit to slip back to around one million.


A well-timed double up for Liam O'Rourke

4:02pm: Duncan doubles as Edwards eliminated

Duncan McKinnon has doubled up through Luke Edwards. McKinnon was short-stacked and all in with pocket deuces against the K♦8♦ of Edwards as the board fell 5♠A♥4♣A♣9♣. McKinnon's small pair held and he doubled up.

This left Edwards crippled and he was all in from the big blind shortly after. Aaron Benton and Joel Dodds checked down the 2-Q-5-2-5 board with Dodds showing pocket threes for the best hand as Edwards' jack-eight hit the muck. He's out in 14th place for $9,330 in prize money.

3:55pm: Play resumes; Angelo Hamataj departs

Play resumed following the break and we didn't have to wait long for our next elimination of the day. This time it was ANZPT Sydney champion Angelo Hamataj who would fall after also running into a big pair held by Nauv Kashyap.

Hamataj raised to 55,000, Kashyap moved all in and Hamataj insta-called with A♠K♥ but Kashyap tabled K♦K♣ which held on the board of Q♠7♠3♦T♥K♠. Kashyap is now up to 1.25 million in chips and a clear chip lead.

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