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ANZPT Gold Coast Day 3: Level 22 (blinds 10,000-20,000, ante 2,000)

6:30pm: Balaban eliminated in 10th place; Final table is set!

It didn't take long for our final table bubble to burst after the short-stacked Darko Balaban pushed his last chips in preflop against Aaron Benton. Balaban had a monster with his K♦K♥ as Benton would need help with his A♦J♦.

The flop brought a real sweat as it landed J♠T♦4♦ to give Benton a pair and flush draw as the crowd gathered closer around the table. Benton didn't need a diamond as the J♥ hit the turn to make trips and leave Balaban with just two outs to survive. He couldn't find a king on the river as the 4♣ fell to eliminate Balaban in 10th place.


Darko Balaban bubbles the final table at ANZPT Gold Coast

At the same time there was an all in on the other table as Liam O'Rourke was all in with pocket tens against the ace-three of Le Vuong Van. The board bricked out and O'Rourke survived to ensure that we had nine players coming back tomorrow.

That wraps up our coverage from Day 3 of the ANZPT Gold Coast. We'll have a wrap of today's play, including player profiles and updated chip counts for you shortly.

6:25pm: Cameron out in 11th place

Adam Cameron raised it up to 60,000 before Dominic Coombe moved all in over the top. Cameron snap-called with A♦K♥ as Coombe tabled live cards with his T♠8♠. The board fell 2♥K♦6♥7♦3♣ and Cameron found a double up.

However his joy was short-lived as he soon became involved in a massive clash with chip leader Nauv Kashyap. Cameron raised to 50,000 from the cutoff before Kashyap re-raised to 250,000 from the small blind. Cameron moved all in and Kashyap snap-called. It was a race for the tournament lead as Cameron opened pocket sevens against Kashyap's ace-king. The board ran out 3♣K♠T♥9♥Q♣ to give Kashyap the monster pot and eliminate Cameron from the tournament in 11th place.

6:13pm: Luck of the Irish

Liam O'Rourke has a habit of making the "all-but-all-in" move, where he raises all of his chips, minus one chip which he clearly saves for a rainy day. His method seems to be working as he's just found another double up.

O'Rourke opened with a raise to 264,000, leaving himself 1,000 behind and Michael Spilkin made the call, before the last 1,000 was all in on a flop of 2♦A♥8♥. Both players tabled similar hands as O'Rourke held J♥T♥ but found that he didn't want to see a heart as Spilkin opened K♥Q♥. The turn bricked the A♦ but O'Rourke found the J♣ on the river to pair up to take the pot. He's up to 570,000 with Spilkin slipping to 200,000.

6:05pm: Play resumes; Kashyap cashed up

The 11 remaining players are back on the felt with Nauv Kashyap still holding a sizable chip lead with around one million chips.


Nauv Kashyap leads the ANZPT Gold Coast

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